70s Dance, Soul & Disco


"Vocals were ON POINT and the musicians brought the funk!!!"

- Missy C.

"My family LOVES Earth Wind and Fire and the band played it sooo well that our guests demanded that they play it twice in a row!!"

- Claire G.

"They sounded even better than the original artist!"

- Tamara D. 

Artists: Michael Jackson, Parliament, Prince, Tower of Power, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone, Chic, Kool & The Gang, KC & Sunshine Band, Rick James, Bee Gees, Whitney Houston & more.....

Configuration Options: 6-15 piece
Minimum Configuration: 6 Piece Soul Band: 1) Drums, 2) Bass/Male Vocalist, 3) Guitar/Male Vocals, 4) Keyboard, 5) Female Lead Vocalist, 6) Male Lead Vocalist

Standard Configuration: 8 Piece Soul Band: 1) Drums, 2) Bass/Male Vocalist, 3) Guitar/Male Vocals, 4) Keyboard, 5) Female Lead Vocalist, 6) Male Lead Vocalist, 7) Saxophone, 8) Trumpet

Ideal Configuration: 10-15 Piece Soul Band: To include Horn Section, Multiple Vocalists, Electric String Section


Featured Vocalists: Kogee & Francoise 

                                                               Kogee possesses the kind of vocal ability that commands you to your feet, brings a tear to                                                                      your eye, touches your soul. Fronting the Navy band for the last 14 years, he has travelled the                                                                  globe gifting his talent to tens of thousands at a time. From 1990 to present day, Kogee has                                                                    delighted audiences of all ages and backgrounds. His vocal ability, most likened to Stevie                                                                        Wonder, is an experience you won't want to miss. 


                                                               Francoise is the ultimate entertainer extraordinaire!

                                                               He sings, dances and commands his audience with

                                                               such an engaging energy that he consistently packs

                                                               the dancefloor and has clients raving about their

                                                               entertainment experience. Specializing in R&B, Funk,

                                                               Disco, Motown & Oldies from Elvis to Beatles to the

                                                               Rolling Stones. And for anyone desiring that signature

                                                               70s Soul Train vibe, he is definitely your guy! 

Superfreak (feat. Francoise)

Best of My Love

You Are Everything (feat. Ivory)

​​Soultry: Vibe. Groove. Dance.

​​Features: 70s R&B, Funk, Soul, Disco & Dance

Get Up Offa That Thing (Kori - James Brown)

Got To Be Real (Tiana - Cheryl Lynn)

Shake Your Groove Thing

Audio Samples

SOULTRY - A San Diego Soul, Funk & Disco Cover Theme Show

Republic of Music, a San Diego cover band, presents Soultry, a San Diego Funk & Soul Band. Soultry features world class musicians and vocalists who excel at all things fresh and funky. With riveting showmanship, infectious on-stage energy and a juicy array of 70's soul, funk and disco hits, Republic of Music's 70's Soul Show, Soultry, is a breath of funk-filled air.  Book it as a theme show or incorporate some soul into a variety dance set. Either way, we could all use a little more SOUL in our life! 

Looking for Variety?

Many of our clients love a wide variety of music from every era and genre. If you fall into this category, we'll happily create a custom variety show where you pick the music you want to hear and an RoM Representative will suggest the appropriate performer lineup.  You're also welcome to request a mini theme shows (1 hour set) while still having the rest of the celebration showcase a variety of music.You dream it; we'll provide it! We are your Southern California dance band!


Republic of Music is a San Diego Wedding Band & San Diego Corporate Event cover band. We provide live music & entertainment for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, charity events, casinos and private parties. Our San Diego Dance Band and San Diego Wedding Band provides entertainment in Southern California including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Imperial County, Riverside and Temecula. We also our provide San Diego Wedding Band & San Diego Corporate cover band throughout all California including Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Napa Valley, San Fransisco and Sacramento. Our live cover band is available to travel to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Mexico to play for your celebration. Our San Diego Dance Band and San Diego Wedding Band will travel anywhere in the world! We are Southern California's 1st choice for live wedding entertainment and live corporate entertainment. 


String Section: an electric section can be added to any dance band package, including violin, viola, cello & harp

Dancers: choreographed dancers can be added for additional performance energy

Smaller Venues / Budget Friendly Option:

As most 70s music highlights a horn section and string instrumentation, we suggest between an 8-15 piece band to capture that same sound and energy. However, when the venue or budget calls for a more compact band configuration, we will supplement backing tracks (covering either horns, strings, backing vocals, percussion and/or rhythm guitar) to compliment the live band for many of the biggest party songs. This keeps the dynamics and sound consistent with what you hear on the original track. Please consult with your RoM Representative to inquire about a compact show size and which songs are available with backing tracks.

Horns: a full horn section can be added to include saxophone(s), trumpet(s) and/or trombone