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Get To Know San Diego's Top Musical Entertainers

We are blessed to boast some of the most talented, nicest, coolest, funn-est, charming-est, sweetest, smartest, likeable-est, most good looking-est musicians, vocalists, dancers and DJ entertainers extraordinaire in Southern California!




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Event Constultant Rockstar, Catering To & Adoring Our Clients

Astrological Sign: CapricornWill Also Respond To: Emmerzz, EJam, Curly SueMost interesting person she's shared the stage with: My Dad and Grandfather who are ex Mariachis!  And the rockstars of RoM! Fun Fact: DIY enthusiast (I even cut my own hair), and I can walk on my hands. Favorite Song To Perform: "Oh Darlin" The BeatlesFavorite Moment at a Live Gig: Anytime the audience is visibly and genuinely excited about the song you're singing.  I love the palpable energy exchange.  Why We Love Her: She's just a rad human being ...sweet, funny as heck, team player and has a bunch of hilarious "voices" Why You'll Love Her: On the phone, through emails or at your event, she exudes warmth & genuine enthusiasm. She cares deeply about the success of each celebration and works tirelessly to ensure it's the event of your dreams.


Queen of Details, Event Consultant Rockstar, Catering To & Adoring Our Clients

Will Also Respond To: Fay Fay, Fairskin

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Tiana Hartsten & Ricky Mozart

Astrological Sign: Libra

Fun Fact: She's an ordained pastor, a sleep consultant for infants & toddlers and loves to skydive

Favorite Song To Perform: “Poughkeepsie” by Over the Rhine. "Not only are they my favorite musical artists of all time, the song resonates with me to the core." 

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Performing a few of my favorites at a bar gig in Nova Scotia and having a local woman approach me and thank me for singing a song that gave her a new hope for her life". 

Why We Love Her: Not only is she the most loving person & such a true friend, we hail her MBA mind & her abilities to develop more efficient & effective business proccesses 

Why You'll Love Her: True to her name, she adds a bright light wherever she is, whether on stage or in the office

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