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We are blessed to boast some of the most talented, nicest, coolest, funn-est, charming-est, sweetest, smartest, likeable-est, most good looking-est musicians, vocalists, dancers and DJ entertainers extraordinaire in Southern California!



Vocals, Dance, Pimping Out The Band, Image/Branding/Marketing/Micromanaging The Details, Catering To & Adoring The Clients (that's YOU!), Co-Owner

Will Also Respond To: Lady T, Lil Mama, TT, T-Love, Hunny Wheat, Lisa Marie

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: Ricky Mozart, Gene Simmons

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Fun Fact: She's crazy about her puggles, Cade & Chloe & loves to hike.

Favorite Song To Perform: "Shout" Isley Brothers, "Because we work the crowd into a frenzy every time."

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "It always gets me witnessing the father of the bride toast his daughter at a wedding. Those moments have made me cry too many times to count. At any other event it's the biggest high to experience the magic that gets created between us and the guests on the dancefloor."

Why We Love Her: With her innovative business vision and assertive yet kind leadership style, she keeps our team on track and present to the "why" behind what we do, which is to "come hither" the guests' full self expression and celebration.

Why You'll Love Her: Her commitment is to be more than a qualified vendor with whom you do business with but more of a trusted & respected friend, adviser and vanguard for the success of your event entertainment

Specializes In: Variety Dance, Country, Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz


Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals, Musical Director & Co-Owner

Will Also Respond To: Ricky MozartMost interesting person he's shared the stage with: BB King, Pointer SistersAstrological Sign: LibraFun Fact: He holds a black belt in Kempo martial arts; loves everything about the law; Rick & Danny (Bassist) are brothers and have been creating magic on stage since they were single digits. Those two vibe off each other musically like only brothers can.Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: Playing a Grand PianoFavorite Song To Perform: "Rock & Roll" Led Zeppelin because it always surprises the audience to hear his naturally quiet, raspy voice hit those high notes with such force and clarityWhy We Love Him: His firm but compassionate leadership style and extensive musical knowledge supports our company's continued growth Why You'll Love Him: With so much raw talent, octopus-like multitasking abilitites and solid leadership on stage, you're event is a sure success with him at the helm

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Event Constultant Rockstar, Catering To & Adoring Our Clients

Astrological Sign: CapricornWill Also Respond To: Emmerzz, EJam, Curly SueMost interesting person she's shared the stage with: My Dad and Grandfather who are ex Mariachis!  And the rockstars of RoM! Fun Fact: DIY enthusiast (I even cut my own hair), and I can walk on my hands. Favorite Song To Perform: "Oh Darlin" The BeatlesFavorite Moment at a Live Gig: Anytime the audience is visibly and genuinely excited about the song you're singing.  I love the palpable energy exchange.  Why We Love Her: She's just a rad human being ...sweet, funny as heck, team player and has a bunch of hilarious "voices" Why You'll Love Her: On the phone, through emails or at your event, she exudes warmth & genuine enthusiasm. She cares deeply about the success of each celebration and works tirelessly to ensure it's the event of your dreams.


Queen of Details, Event Consultant Rockstar, Catering To & Adoring Our Clients

Will Also Respond To: Fay Fay, Fairskin

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Tiana Hartsten & Ricky Mozart

Astrological Sign: Libra

Fun Fact: She's an ordained pastor, a sleep consultant for infants & toddlers and loves to skydive

Favorite Song To Perform: “Poughkeepsie” by Over the Rhine. "Not only are they my favorite musical artists of all time, the song resonates with me to the core." 

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Performing a few of my favorites at a bar gig in Nova Scotia and having a local woman approach me and thank me for singing a song that gave her a new hope for her life". 

Why We Love Her: Not only is she the most loving person & such a true friend, we hail her MBA mind & her abilities to develop more efficient & effective business proccesses 

Why You'll Love Her: True to her name, she adds a bright light wherever she is, whether on stage or in the office

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