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"Life Is A Box of Chocolates…" by Kori Gillis

One of the coolest things about being a San Diego cover band is that every audience is completely different. So its always interesting to see how audiences react after the music inspires, the drinks are poured, and everyone is loosened up. Since RoM is the top cover band and dance band in Southern California, we specialize in reading crowds and helping people to achieve the ultimate level of epic-ness. We are Fun Ambassadors, if you will. So much so, that we often inspire (and encourage) spectators to abandon their spectator status and join us on stage to dance, sing, or even play an instrument!

Whereas there are multiple examples of this, the most recent is especially noteworthy since it involved one of our own members. RoM had the opportunity to perform a public show at Club M, located in the elegant and highly reputable Grand Del Mar hotel. Since public shows are a rare occurrence, the audience was packed with past and future clients, friends, family, and even other RoM musicians. Mike Monsivaiz, an extremely talented drummer in our group, was motivated to leap from his seat in the audience and join the ranks of the frontline after being struck with the hypnotizing melodies of Whitney Houston's 80's dance anthem, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Crooning away with a beautiful falsetto juxtapose to his very masculine rocker-dude appearance, it was a cameo performance that was quite the pleasant surprise! Other partygoers were also inspired as they put their cell phones on record while "helping" out with the vocal harmony! ;-)

So, what frightens most people when they get up on a stage in front of an audience is the exact thing that excites me - the unexpected. As a San Diego wedding band and San Diego Top 40 band, something unexpected can actually be something amazing that raises the bar on the level of entertainment even further!

To quote one of my all time favorite movies, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get!"

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