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Advanced Turntablist, Club Style Mixing, Professional MC



DJ Eddey is a product of Las Vegas, Nevada and UNLV alumni. Discovering a passion for music at a young age, he fell in love with the hard-hitting beats & melodious sounds of Hip-Hop music. His work ethic and determination reflect through his unique style of mixing, in which he incorporates genres outside of hip hop, blending them together to create a boisterous club vibe. Whether he is DJing at a nightclub in Hollywood or a Beer Festival in Denver, Eddey’s unique but wide intellect of music allows him cross multiple genres to keep the crowd up and moving. Eddey has had a recent emergence onto the Southern California music scene, as he strives to find balance in perfecting his craft and creating an unforgettable experience for partygoers. His love of music and passion for the art of DJing has brought him a long way, but really he’s just getting started!


Rockstar Beer Festivals – California

Cocktail City – California

Blackbull Nightclub – Huntington Beach

The Beer Company – Downtown San Diego



Chateau Nightclub – Las Vegas

Yost Theatre – Santa Ana

Avalon Nightclub – Hollywood

ORA Nightclub – Hollywood

Dos Toros Nightclub – Huntington Beach

The Local – Downtown San Diego / Pacific Beach

Rabbit Hole – San Diego

Hornblower Yachts – San Diego

Las Vegas Country Club – Opening DJ Set for Mike Jones and Paul Wall



Hip Hop, EDM, Top-40, Pop, Rock, Old School



For availability & pricing, please call (619) 277-8689 for your complimentary consultation.


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