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wedding entertainment


Weddings should be BOLD, not boring.

Music is the #1 thing your guests will remember.

With so much money being spent and so much resting on the music, you can't risk hiring the wrong entertainers.


Republic of Music's Live Band & DJs foster fun & connection, and are masters at transforming weddings from, 'ho hum' to 'Heck yeah!'

When it comes to weddings, we're kind of a big deal ;)


Winner of 'Best Wedding Band' since 2014!

Winner of 'Best Wedding Band' since 2014!

Winner of 'Best Wedding Band' in 2020!

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Experience Our Team Bringing Love & Joy To Weddings!

Experience Our Team Bringing Love & Joy To Weddings!

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To narrow in on your vision, let's discuss the following: 

01. Wedding Entertainment Experience: 

What kind of Wedding Experience most excites you?

We will customize an entertainment experience around your unique vision! Your Entertainment Experience options are the following: 

  1. Classic Elegance 

  2. Romantic to Rowdy

  3. Easy, Breezy, Good Time

  4. Culturally Focused

  5. Party-Centric

  6. Wedding Gone Concert

02. General Price Range: 

What price range works for you and how much customization do you want in your entertainment experience?

Click here to view our typical price range, our list of services, and what is included in our most popular packages. 


03. Consultation Regarding Details: 

Fill out our online wedding questionnaire and we'll send you a custom quote tailored to your unique vision.


Or set up a complimentary phone consultation with our team and together we'll craft a custom entertainment package to meet your needs. 

6 Custom Entertainment Experiences to

Have the Best Wedding Ever!

We do not view your wedding as 'one-size-fits-all' and assume that a particular band size, songlist, energy level, and audience interaction will be right for you. We are all about creating a customized Wedding Experience that truly reflects your love story and vibe.   

Beyond your wedding, there will likely never be another time when ALL of these same people will be together in one place. So much connection is possible between you and your loved ones on this special day!


Our team focuses on fun, customization & connection by asking... 

"How can we customize your Wedding Entertainment Experience in a way that will help you achieve your goals?"

Below are our 6 Favorite Wedding Entertainment Experiences to give you the most fun & memorable wedding ever!

1. Classic Elegance