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How to Make Your Music-Obsessed Guests Feel Like Your Wedding Was the Best Concert They’ve Ever Attended!

Your Wedding Gone Concert Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If the following statements inspire you to fist pump the air, then a Wedding Gone Concert Experience may be perfect for you.


  • Our day needs to look and feel like the couple we are...wildly in love and committed to having a rockin’ wedding & life.

  • Top Priorities: Throwing the party of the century & having our guests feel like they’re at an epic concert.

  • The memories made on the dancefloor & the live band will be the highlight of the night.

  • Our idea of the perfect date night is to attend a live concert

  • Our guests are fierce music lovers and will be stoked by the energy of badass musicians.  

  • Since music is so important to us, we’re excited to showcase our unique tastes and have a heavy influence on the song choices for the night.

  • For our wedding to feel like a concert, we envision flashy stage lights and cool production elements like smoke geysers, confetti cannons, cold sparks, etc.

  • Our guests are super musical and we’d love to have a couple of them join the band on stage for a song or two. 

  • We want to take our group on a musical journey that will unleash their inner ‘rockers’. 

  • We can’t think of a better way to conclude our unforgettable night than with crowd surfing

  • We want everyone to walk away saying, "Your wedding felt like a concert!"


Are we describing YOU?

With any once-in-a-lifetime event, you only have one chance to impress your guests.

With music being the #1 thing the guests remember, the stakes are high when choosing entertainers to trust with this important job. 

You can trust

Republic of Music with your event.






Alexa & Chuck | Estancia

"Talented, professional, PERFECT wedding band... and we are a couple that have frequented many a concert and music festival. These people are the real deal and have the ability to deliver with every genre, and do it with soul!"

Katie & Mike | Prado at Balboa Park

"We are OVER THE MOON about ROM's performance at our wedding that took place at the Prado Balboa Park! Our reception was off the charts fun! I credit this to ROM because there was not a person sitting during our reception. They had everyone on the dance floor, young and old and my guests have not stopped raving about our AMAZING band selection and how they've never been to a wedding that felt like a concert performance! 


I will forever be thankful for my decision in selecting ROM as they made our wedding even that much more magical and I CANNOT say ENOUGH WONDERFUL THINGS ABOUT THEM!!"

Old-School Meets Modern as Our 10 Piece Band Gets Funky Fresh at This Disco Inspired Celebration

Alexa & Chuck | New Vintage Disco-Inspired Wedding

Alexa & Chuck | New Vintage Disco-Inspired Wedding

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It's a Rock Concert When a Heavy Metal Musician Hosts a Wedding