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Go From a Dreamy Walk Down the Aisle to a Wild Dance Party in Less Than 6 Hours

Your Romantic to Rowdy Wedding Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If you resonate with the following, then a Classic Elegance Wedding Experience may be perfect for you.


  • Our day needs to look and feel like the couple we in love and excited to finally celebrate.

  • Top Priorities: A dreamy affair at the beginning, to a raging dance party towards the end. 

  • Music and dancing will be the highlight of the night.

  • We have fun-loving family & friends coming from all over and we can't wait to share our happy day with them.

  • Our music vision is: Love songs during dinner & fun music for dancing... Top 40, Motown, 70s, 80s, 90s Hip Hop, and Country.

  • We prefer black-tie but a costume change later in the night would be fun. 

  • We plan on doing most of the traditional wedding moments and are looking forward to the special dances with our parents. 

  • Our guests would love crowd interaction, party favors and a photo booth.

  • We want a classy party but can imagine our group getting rowdy by the end.

  • We want everyone to walk away saying, "It was the most beautiful & fun wedding ever!"


Are we describing YOU?

Your wedding is your one shot to share

your beautiful love story.

It'll either go down as:

  • an epic day that sealed your love story and brought your community closer or...

  • ...just another "ho hum" event. 

That's where we come in! Whether a band or DJ, you not only need to figure out what songs you want played, but also how you'd like that music to land for your guests. We are masters at customizing our performance to bring your vision to life.


On your wedding day, which of your guests might resist the pull of the dance floor? 


To them we say,

"Challenge Accepted!"


Let them know we're coming for them!

Coco & Kevin | La Quinta Resort


"Republic of Music totally MADE our wedding... They classed it up for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner - then afterwards made it a PARTY! 


Music was very important to us and when choosing our band, we were looking for a good balance between talent and professionalism. We got all of that and more with ROM. My sister and I even got on stage with them!!"

From Stage Dives to Singalongs at

This Fun & Youthful Jewish Wedding!

Here's what Wendi & Adam had to say about their day...

"ROM had our guests impressed from the very beginning with a beautiful and emotional ceremony. It was also refreshing to give our guests a little dance break right before dinner, which was a ROM party-starting speciality.


One of our favorite moments of the night was our epic hora. ROM also got guests involved with a fun limbo session and a sing along that featured some of our guests hidden talents. We knew our money was well spent when we looked around the room and didn’t see a single butt in the chair! 


We didn’t want the night to end, but since it had to there was no better way than with crowd surfing. Our guests had never seen that at a wedding before, and they were overly impressed. It was truly an experience that my husband and I will never forget. We would pick them a thousand times over!"


Coordination & Design:        Videography:

Wendi & Adam Wedding | Joyful & Wild Love in the Desert

Wendi & Adam Wedding | Joyful & Wild Love in the Desert

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Becki & Michael | BRICK


"I firmly believe that a band can make or break a wedding - and in our case, Republic of Music absolutely MADE our wedding!


They were fun, so engaged with our guests, and everyone absolutely raved about them - they certainly know how to read a crowd, and can keep an epic dance party going like nothing I have ever seen!"

From Fairy-Tale to Full On Dance Party

With Our Band & DJ!