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Have a Love-Filled Day Without Doing it the Traditional Way

Your Easy, Breezy, Good Time 

Wedding Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If you resonate with the following, then you're likely an Easy, Breezy, Good Time kind of couple.


  • Our day needs to look and feel like the couple we, fun-loving, and low-key.

  • Top Priorities: Our "Ride-or-Die" crew, killer food, craft beverages, and hip music.

  • We're a "no" to fancy ballrooms, tuxes & gowns, and detailed timelines.

  • Food Trucks > 3-Course Dinner... Donuts > Cake... Beer & White Claw > Fruity Cocktails

  • We want to keep traditional wedding stuff to a low roar.

  • Concerts & music festivals are our jam.

  • cheesy wedding band is our worst fear.

  • Our band needs to be hella versatile, super cool, and able to read our eclectic crowd.

  • Our friends can be described as down-to-earth, hipsters, artists, and earthy-types.

  • We envision an eclectic range of music like: Bob Marley, "Hotel California", 90s Alternative Rock, "Wagon Wheel", Hip Hop, Folk-Pop, Journey, Grateful Dead, and Drake.

  • We're not into frilly stuff like flashing lights, party favors, costume changes, or line dances.

  • Music is most important at our laid-back wedding.

  • basic but bangin' band is all we need. 

  • We'd love our guests to make song requests or sit in for a song or two.

  • We want everyone to walk away saying, "It was the coolest party ever!"


Are we describing YOU?

Music will make or break the 'cool factor' at your party. Invest in entertainers you can count on. 

Whether you're looking for a band or DJ (or both!), your planning worries are over when you hire entertainers like us who are are easy to work with, fun, talented, and know exactly how to bring your community together to dance and celebrate.

Let us help you cross one major thing off your wedding to-do list!


We're all a little weird.


Let's get weird together.

Nate & Jenn | Ponte Winery, Temecula

"Tiana & Co. are extremely talented, energetic, cool, and fun. We had a sophisticated & cool mojo at our wine country wedding in Temecula, CA, and these cats fit in perfectly. 


Not only did they look and act the part, but the music was incredible and very high energy. Jazz, Rock, Motown, you name it, they played it spot on! They were easy to deal with up to & including on the wedding day - everyone was cheerful & happy to be there. This band ROCKS!!!"

Sun-Kissed Celebration at La Jolla Woman's Club!

Here's how Jarett & Hannah felt about their rockin' day...

"We cannot speak higher of Republic of Music! This bands ROCKS!! They were professional, extremely talented, so easy to work with, and able to accommodate our crazy taste in music (which basically spans from Latin to Country) Our guests danced the entire time and had a blast! My family from Miami, NY, and California are still calling me and asking me who our band was. They did a cover of Zeppelin and totally killed it, it was awesome, my friends and family are still talking about it! Thank you ROM for making our wedding the most epic dance party of all time!"


Coordination & Videography:

Jarett & Hannah | Sun-Kissed Celebration in La Jolla

Jarett & Hannah | Sun-Kissed Celebration in La Jolla

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Tamara & Curtis | San Diego Yacht Club

"It was SO easy working with ROM! They played beautiful acoustic guitar for our ceremony music, Jimmy Buffett & Beach Boys during cocktail hour and we just told them to just read our crowd for the reception and they nailed it!


Thank you for transforming our dream wedding beyond our expectation!"

Playful Whimsy in a Modern Love Story!

Here's how Amy & Jason felt about their joyful day...

"Getting an amazing band was priority #1 and after reading tons of reviews, we were practically begging to sign a contract. We got the 9-piece band for our wedding, and on an epic day full of highlights, they get top honors.


We weren’t interested in “traditional” things – grand entrance, 1st dance, cake cutting, etc., and Tiana worked with us to make sure the evening was everything we envisioned, including let the crowd dictate the flow and timeline. I think it takes an extremely professional crew who truly knows their stuff to be able to take on that endeavor.


They sang, they grooved, they rapped, they learned songs just for us, plus they incorporated a last minute request that I made the day before the wedding. You know you have a good thing going when the oldest and youngest guests agreed they're “the best band ever!”


Coordination: | Videography: