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You guys rock! How do we book you?

To book the band we require a signed contract and a 50% deposit. (Under certain circumstances we're open to renegotiate the deposit amount; please inquire.)


What is included in your price? What about gratuity? 

Through our complimentary consultation, we'll custom-craft an entertainment package that completely handles all  your entertainment needs and the final quoted price will include all travel, set up and tear down. Based on our consultation you may also be responsible to provide any or all of our rider requirements below. Gratuity is not included and is never mandatory, but always appreciated.  


What are your rider requirements?

  1. A Hot Vendor Meal; per performer + sound man

This does not have to be the same meal you're serving to the guests. Please check with your caterer regarding vendor meals. As an alternative we also offer a meal buyout option. You pay a flat rate (oftentimes less than the venue's vendor meal price) and we'll handle our own meal. Please inquire for specifics. 

   2.  Beverages

Water & coffee for sure, soft drinks and/or ice tea, if available. (Coffee is a don't even want to imagine the horrors of a performer without his/her coffee. ;-) 

    3.  Parking Validations; per performer + sound man

    4.  Green Room 

A room/location for the band to take a break. Most venues offer a complimentary room close to your reception that is available for all your wedding vendors to have a meal and take their breaks in. If an extra room is not available we need a table and chairs wherever is convenient for you. (Side Note: As our breaks are typically no longer than 10-20 mins long, the break room should be as close to the reception as possible.)

    5.  Adequate Power

This is determined by your band configuration size. Please inquire.

    6.  Adequate Covering; for outdoor performances

This includes band as well as ceremony and/or cocktail hour performers.

    7.  Out of Town Events; additional requirements

Airline tickets, baggage fees, ground transportation, hotel accommodations. Some events require sound system and backline. Please inquire.


My event is not for awhile; how far out should we book you guys? 

As we specialize in weddings and get booked far into the future, we suggest you schedule us as soon as possible. 


I'm really interested! How do we hold our date with you?

To hold the date you just need to let us know that you're highly interested and we’ll put you as a booking inquiry on our schedule. We'll give you first right of refusal when another inquiry comes in. 


What does a 5 piece band sound like compared to one of your larger band configurations? 

Check out the videos below to hear a live clip of "Shout" as a 5 piece band versus a 7 piece band with horn players.





















How many and how long are the breaks the band takes?

Depending on how many hours of music you desire, we’ll create a timeline for your event that flows smoothly for all the vendors. We strive to time our band breaks to coincide with something special going on during the event, (i.e. we'd take a break during the toasts or award ceremony at the end of dinner and we'd take another break during the cake cutting or raffle giveaway after the first dance set.) If we ever need to take a break when there is no other dedicated moment going on in the event, we'll play any pre-recorded music of your choosing. We promise to always keep the energy up and celebration atmosphere going! You also have the option to opt for continuous music with no band breaks; please inquire for pricing.


Can you play pre-recorded music during band breaks?

Yes, you have three options.

    1.  Create playlists on your ipod and give your ipod to us the day of and we'll play it as you specify throughout the event.

    2.  Send over list(s) of songs and/or general styles of music you want and we'll have them ready to play.

    3.  Choose any of our pre-mixed DJ playlists. Please inquire regarding these playlists options.


Can the band play in various locations at the venue?

Yes. If the ceremony or cocktail hour is in a different location than the dinner & dancing we'll set up an appropriate-sized sound system in the separate location or plug into your venue's sound system. Additional fees may apply. 


What do you wear?

Whatever you want! We have costume options that range from floor-length dresses & tuxes to suit/ties & cocktail dresses to club attire & sequins/hats. Some clients also opt to have us wear formal attire during the cocktail and dinner hour and then change our attire into something more rockstar and/or club-worthy for the dancing portion. We're also happy to match our attire to your color scheme and/or theme (i.e. Country, Vintage, Gatsby, Disco, 80's, etc.)


I see different performers/ theme shows featured on your site. Is Republic of Music an agency or a band? 

We're most definitely a band, not an agency. Unlike traditional bands though that consist of the same performers at each show, Republic of Music is a collective of the most talented and diverse musicians and vocalists in San Diego. RoM features 2-3 musicians representing each instrument in addition to 10 vocalists. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the most believable, concert-like presentation of most every major musical style and the way we accomplish that is by customizing the band configuration to match the client's musical taste. If you love rock music, we bring our best rockers to the party. If you love r&b and funk, you'll be sure to experience our most soulful performers.


Republic of Music's family of musicians and vocalists are the best entertainers in Southern California. Their on and off stage chemistry, their genuine love of music and their love of performing with each other makes for an unforgettable musical experience at each and every show. With our un-matched commitment to excellence, there is a reason why Republic of Music has 5-Star, rave reviews for weddings, corporate events, charitable galas and private celebrations across the board.


Which performers will be at my event?

In your complimentary consultation, we will discuss the styles of music you love, whether you want high energy and/or background music and how interactive of a show you want your guests to experience. We will then suggest the vocalists that best match your vision and from there, you get to decide who you most resonate with. Vocal demos for each of our vocalists can be heard here


Do I get to dictate what is played at my event? How is the music chosen?

Yes; you absolutely have some say in what is or isn't played at your event. We know over 600 songs and the feel of each show can vary greatly based on which songs we play. Our first goal is to please you, the client. We encourage you to pick a minimum of 20 favorite songs off our list as well as create a Do Not Play list. We'll send you our most current songlists when you are ready to choose music. 


Our second goal, assuming you want dancing at your party, is to keep your dancefloor packed all night. This requires us to read your crowd and cater to their tastes in the moment. We are masters at knowing just what to play to ignite our audiences but that unfolds organically in the moment. You do not need to know what the band should play in order to satisfy your guests. We'll incorporate your requests, our knowledge of generally what works based on your guest demographic and our on-the-spot instincts to create an entertainment experience that will have your guests raving.




If you don't already know our 1st dance song, will you learn it for us?

Of course!


We want to shorten (or change the tempo of) our 1st dance song but need a version to practice to before the wedding. What do you suggest?

We're happy to create a recording of your 1st dance song and send it to you before the wedding. Here are your two options.....

    1.  We will send you a complimentary recording of the whole band performing your 1st dance song 1-3 days before the wedding. 

    2.  If you need it sooner than 1-3 days beforehand, you can opt to expedite this service. We will record an acoustic version (either piano/vocals or piano/guitar) of your 1st dance song and send it to 4-6 weeks before the wedding. There is a small fee for this expedited service; please inquire. 




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