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Get To Know Southern california's

Top Musical Entertainers

We are blessed to boast some of the most talented, nicest, coolest, funn-est, charming-est, sweetest, smartest, likeable-est, most good looking-est musicians, vocalists, dancers and DJ entertainers extraordinaire in Southern California!



Vocals, Dance, Pimping Out The Band, Image/Branding/Marketing/Micromanaging The Details, Catering To & Adoring The Clients (that's YOU!), Co-Owner

Will Also Respond To: Lady T, Lil Mama, TT, T-Love, Hunny Wheat, Lisa Marie

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: Ricky Mozart, Gene Simmons

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Fun Fact: She's crazy about her puggles, Cade & Chloe & loves to hike.

Favorite Song To Perform: "Shout" Isley Brothers, "Because we work the crowd into a frenzy every time."

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "It always gets me witnessing the father of the bride toast his daughter at a wedding. Those moments have made me cry too many times to count. At any other event it's the biggest high to experience the magic that gets created between us and the guests on the dancefloor."

Why We Love Her: With her innovative business vision and assertive yet kind leadership style, she keeps our team on track and present to the "why" behind what we do, which is to "come hither" the guests' full self expression and celebration.

Why You'll Love Her: Her commitment is to be more than a qualified vendor with whom you do business with but more of a trusted & respected friend, adviser and vanguard for the success of your event entertainment

Specializes In: Variety Dance, Country, Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz

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GHOST - TIANA (Ella Henderson Cover)
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WHITE RABBIT - TIANA (Jefferson Airplane Cover)
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00:00 / 00:00
STAY - TIANA (Rihanna Cover)
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ONLY THE LONELY - Tiana (The Motels Cover)
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Vocals, Dance, Selfie Queen, Social Media Wiz

Will Also Respond To: Ivory Black, Mayo, Allie, Sis

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Most Interesting Person She's Shared the Stage with: That one time Steven Tyler harmonized with me... does that count? lol

Fun Fact: She was on American Idol a few years back... and secretly enjoys Bodybuilding like Arnold!

Favorite Song To Sing: This answer is always changing for me, but I love the nitty-gritty of anything Led Zeppelin.

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: Getting blasted with air-cannons on stage in Las Vegas while singing "Living On A Prayer," I felt like a serious Rock Star in that moment.

Why We Love Her: Her effortless talent and sponge-like ability to soak up and memorize lyrics and choreography. Plus she keeps us giggling with her silly accents and impressions.

Why You'll Love Her:  She's quite the colorful character, between the tattoos and bright hair colors, she'll definitely keep you guessing! The power and emotion in her voice will touch you. Oh, and if you happen to catch her twerking, that is a sight you won't soon forget! 

Specializes In: Variety Dance, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Latin, Blues, Led Zeppelin

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RATHER BE - ALLISON (Clean Bandit Cover)
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AT LAST - ALLISON (Etta James Cover)
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GOOD GIRL - ALLISON (Carrie Underwood Cover)
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LITTLE BY LITTLE - Alli (Susan Tedeschi Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
ROCK ME RIGHT - Alli (Susan Tedeschi Cover)
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Vocals, Dance, Being a British Bomshell

Will Also Respond To: V

Astrological Sign: Libra

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: Love & Theft at the House of Blues

Fun Fact: "I am %100 British and most of my family lives in England, I am the first American citizen of my entire family line! Go USA!!"

Favorite Song To Perform: "Redneck Woman" Gretchen Wilson. "Because even though I have never stood "barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip", that song is rockin', a blast to sing, and has been my go-to karaoke song since I was 16."

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Attempting to moon walk across the entire stage whenever the band plays a MJ tune! I think my moon walk has come a long way!"

Why We Love Her: So kind-hearted, sweet-natured and fun-loving, she's a beloved member of our family 

Why You'll Love Her: Exuding star-like energy, her performance is mesmerizing & fun & her smile brightens up the room

Specializes In: Variety Dance, Country, Hip Hop

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MAMA'S BROKEN HEART - VICTORIA (Miranda Lambert Cover)
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DREAMS - VICTORIA (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
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Vocals, Dance, Sweet Sassiness

Astrological Sign:    Pisces  

Band Given Nicknames:  Baby Girl RTG (road trip girlfriend), Dre Dre

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: James Brown, Brian McKnight, Jennifer Hudson 

Fun Fact: She speaks fluent Spanish and is obsessed with anything DYI or crafting-related.

Favorite Song: Alabaster Box by Cece Winans (Because it was her Dad's favorite)

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "All of it really, I love what I do and I'm blessed and humbled every time I step on stage and feel the energy of the talent around me and the support and great vibes coming from the audience. I know it's a job well done when everybody's sweatin'!"

Why We Love Her: She's just so damn loveable.

Why You'll Love Her: She is dynamite on stage between her Natalie Cole-esque voice, and commanding stage presence

Specializes In: Jazz, Swing, Soul, Top 40,Rapping

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Vocals, Being a Featured Singer/Dancer at Legoland

Will Also Respond To: E

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: She's shared the stage with killer whales, Elmo & Friends, and the Penguins from Madagascar. 

Fun Fact:  She makes jewelry with guitar picks. 

Favorite Song To Perform: Anything Michael Jackson. "Because he is amazing and his songs are usually in my key!"

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig:  "Anytime the crowd is on your level, having the time of their life. It's an amazing energy and vibe that is exchanged."

Why We Love Her: Because of the positivity, energy, and enthusiasm she brings on and off stage 

Why You'll Love Her: She truly is a rockstar, masterful at commanding an audience, a fantastic dancer and there's nobody in our camp that can belt nearly as high!

Specializes In: Top 40, Soul, Jazz,, really anything


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Vocals, Dance, Choreography, A Laugh So Boisterous You Can't Help But Laugh Yourself

Will Also Respond To: Kogee, Hammy, Mr. Giggles

Astrological Sign: Leo -Virgo

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: "I opened for KC & The Sunshine Band on the main stage at the San Diego Fair in Del Mar while performing as a frontman for the Navy rock band “the Destroyers”. However, singing the national anthem at Qualcomm Stadium for the San Diego Chargers was also an incredible experience."

Fun Fact: He loves to skate (all forms...rollerblading, iceskating, rollerskating) and has been roller skating since he was four. He can also juggle. 

Favorite Song To Perform: Anything by Stevie Wonder!

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig:"Everytime I sing “Shout” and the crowd loses their mind and follows all the instructions. (which they always do ;-) i.e. kick up your heels, sing softer, sing louder, repeat after me! "

Why We Love Him: Passionate about music and the ultimate team player & friend, he's a valued part of our family

Why You'll Love Him: When you close your eyes and just listen to his sheer talent you'll swear you're in the presence of Stevie Wonder and when you open them and see his ever-present smile and killer dance abilities; this is the guy you'll want at your event!

Specializes In: Variety Dance, Soul/Funk, Motown, Hip Hop, Latin, Stevie Wonder

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SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED - Kori (Stevie Wonder Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY - Kori (Jazz Standard)
00:00 / 00:00
ALL OF ME - Kori (John Legend Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
FORGET YOU - Kori (Cee Lo Green Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN - Kori (Bruno Mars Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
GET UP OFFA THAT THING - Kori (James Brown Cover)
00:00 / 00:00


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Dance, Spanish MC & Spanish Vocalist

Will Also Respond To: Nole, Knoll & Noelle (if at Starbucks…)  

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Quino (Big Mountain) and Frankie J

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Fun Fact: He's an undercover nerd and owns more than 300 movies on DVD/Blu Ray

Favorite Song To Perform: "Don’t Stop Believing" because the crowd always goes wild!

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Performing for 3 million spectators at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in N.Y."

Why We Love Him: Easy laugh, witty jokes, spicy personality, he's a really fun addition to our team 

Why You'll Love Him: Bringing serious energy and showmanship to every performance, his sing-songwriter vibe will melt your heart while his rocker abilities will make you wanna dance!

Specializes In: 80s, Latin/Spanish, Variety Dance, Singer/Songwriter, Journey, Jason Mraz


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HERE I GO - NOEL (Whitesnake Cover)
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THIS LOVE - NOEL (Maroon 5 Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
CAN'T FEEL MY FACE - NOEL (The Weekend Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
Y HUBO ALGUIEN - NOEL - Marc Anthony Cover
00:00 / 00:00
PEGATE - NOEL - (Ricky Martin Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
00:00 / 00:00
I WON'T GIVE UP - NOEL (Jason Mraz Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
OYE MI AMOR - NOEL - (Mana Cover)
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Vocals, Dance, Considering Himself Elvis' Long-Lost Twin

Will Also Respond To: Swa

Fun Fact: At 6' 3" he's easily the tallest in our camp making the rest of the front line look like shrimps

Why We Love Him: Highly talented yet super humble, this gentle giant brings positive energy with him wherever he is 

Why You'll Love Him: He brings joy to the room with his soulful sounds and signature moves and his ability to command a room is second to none.

Specializes In: Soul/Funk, Disco, Motown, Oldies/50s/ 60s, Variety Dance, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Beatles

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JUST MY IMAGINATION - Francoise (Temptations Cover)
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LITTLE SISTER - Francoise (Elvis Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
SUPERFREAK - Francoise (Rick James Cover)
00:00 / 00:00
YEAH - Francoise (Usher Cover)
00:00 / 00:00


Piano, Vocals, Jokes When You Least Expect It

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Will Also Respond To: Jem, Jemmie

Most Interesting Person he's shared the stage with: Pressure Busspipe

Fun Fact: He swam for VI National teams, will soon have a masters degree in medical physics, and is from the Virgin Islands

Favorite Song to Perform: No Ordinary Love by Sade.  It's so relaxing!

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Making people cry!  Reminds you how touching music is and why we play."

Why We Love Him: Always easy going, kind and with a sense of humor that will pop up when you least expect it, he's a loved member of our team

Why You'll Love Him: There's no one that brings that smooth, sultry crooner vibe that he's renowned for and with his ability to play piano and simultaneously command an audience with his voice, he's someone you absolutely want at your event!

Specializes In: Ballads, Variety Dance, Sade

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Being a Dope DJ,  Inspiring Dance Frenzies, Shopping At Kohl's Much To Tiana's Dismay

Will Also Respond To: DJ TreflipAstrological Sign: LeoFun Fact: He was in a coma for three days due to a skateboarding accidentFavorite Song To Perform: "Poison" Bell Biv Devoe. "No matter the crowd or event that songs makes everyone dance."Why We Love Him: His perfectionism and attention to detail make him an incredible DJ while his outer coolness yet inner softy melts our heartsWhy You'll Love Him: Continually honing his skills and holding himself to the highest of standards, he's a master of his craft which translates to a packed dance floor every time.


Being a Party-Pumping DJ, Skilled Emcee, Being Our Resident Gangsta Boy

Will Also Respond To: David, DJ Simpleton, Gangsta Boi 

Astrological Sign: Leo

Why We Love Him: Super cool, fun-loving & a total smart aleck, he brings a positive vibe with him wherever he is 

Why You'll Love Him: He's a consummate professional, features a flashy lighting setup & knows just how to spin the crowd into a frenzy!

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