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Get To Know San Diego's Top Musical Entertainers

We are blessed to boast some of the most talented, nicest, coolest, funn-est, charming-est, sweetest, smartest, likeable-est, most good looking-est musicians, vocalists, dancers and DJ entertainers extraordinaire in Southern California!



Drums, Percussion, Cajon, Being the Baby of Our Musical Family

Astrological sign: Gemini

Will Also Respond to: Smash

Most Interesting Person You've Shared The Stage With: Magic!

Fun Fact: You can't keep him off of a surfboard

Favorite Song To Perform: Anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: " played a show for the opening of NFL player Derek Martin's charity. He joined us on a hip hop cover, and we found out that he has some serious lyrical chops!" 

Why We Love Him: He's the baby of our musical family but you would never know it based on his scary good chops. He's also a sweetheart...& single. ;-) 

Why You'll Love Him: His slammin' drum chops will keep you dancing & his ever-present smile will light up your event!


 Drums, Percussion, Dazzling Us With His Renowned Smile

Will Also Respond To: Stank

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Fun Fact: He was homecoming king in junior and senior year in high school

Favorite Song To Perform: Just The Way You Are, Billy Joel, because its such a sensual song 

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: When I see fine ladies dancing on the dance floor and they look up at me smiling and having fun""

Why We Love Him: With his jovial personality and knack for telling hilarious stories, he brings joy to our camp

Why You'll Love Him: Ever the hard-hitting, deep pocketed, lay-down-a-solid-groove drummer, he's the foundation for any successful dance party


Drums, Percussion

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Will Also Respond To: Groove Master 

Most Interesting Person You've Shared the stage with: Stanley Stringfellow (For those of you who know him)

Fun Fact: He's also a Software Quality Engineer

Favorite Song To Play and Why: Spain by Chick Corea because it challenges your skill.

Favorite On-Stage Moment: "Playing with the Stephens Brothers in Alaska when the sun never set."



Will Also Respond To: Calvinator, Mr. CleanAstrological Sign: AquariusMost interesting person she's shared the stage with: Eric Gales and also Edgar Winter – "They’re such incredible talents and yet they’re very humble, very accessible and willing to listen to, appreciate and compliment the talents of others whom they share the stage with, who are not so famous."Fun Fact: He's secretly a nerd who loves History, Philosophy, Science, Sociology and Politics and loves a good conversation about History, Economics, Religion, Psychology and Political/Social Philosophy.Favorite Song To Perform: “End of Tears” by an original artist he works & records with, Brett Ellis. "It’s an eight minute long song, sometimes called a Suite, that goes from a Hard Rock vocal tune into an instrumental & musically acrobatic fusion of Jazz, Latin & Rock that brings out a more eclectic side of my playing… and crowds go crazy for!"Favorite Moment at a Live Gig:"When the groove is really on and the band is so in sync and feeling it; and that gets transmitted to the audience! And the synergy of the moment between the band and the audience is so palpable, so undeniable; and everyone in the room is feeling the same thing and moving to the same beat… it’s magical and transcendent, taking everyone beyond the moment into feeling something extraordinary! That’s the power of Music! It’s what the performing arts are all about!"Why We Love Him: Always positive & humble, he's a total joy to be around Why You'll Love Him: He slams! The dancefloor will be packed because of his signature groove and hard-hitting ways!




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Bass, Vocals, Making an Epic Cup of Coffee, His Bromance With Steve Slappy White

Will Also Respond To: Bass Cat, JuniorAstrological Sign: VirgoMost interesting person he's shared the stage with: CC JonesFun Fact: He regularly reads the Bible. 2nd Fun Fact: Danny & Rick (our Music Director) are brothers and have been creating magic on stage since they were single digits. Those two vibe off each other musically like only brothers can. Favorite Song To Perform: "St. Thomas" Sonny RollinsFavorite Moment at a Live Gig: "When the floor is packed, and we're jamming to Sly Stone's "Dance To The Music"Why We Love Him: His jovial humor maintains the band's fun chemistry...oh yes, and the perfect cup of coffee he makes us....some Hazelnut creamer and a dash of cinnamon...ahhh...Why You'll Love Him: Seriously dedicated to his craft, his playing shows it. He's one groovin' dude! 


Bass, Vocals, Being a San Diego "Living Legend" & Mr. Cool

Will Also Respond To: Coop, Coop DeVille, 

Astrological Sign: Scorpio; the sexiest sign on the planet according to him ...the jury's still out on that one...

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Ike Turner

Fun Fact: He LOVES tacos and has won a Grammy

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig:"When the band is grooving.. I mean really grooving and the crowd is dancing. Priceless!!"

Why We Love Him: With his quick wit, charming personality and soulful sounds, he's a band & crowd favorite

Why You'll Love Him: We dare you to try and sit still when he's jamming; $20 bucks says you won't be able to.



Will Also Respond To: K'smooth, K-rad

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Jahcall Nature warrior (Caribbean high energy reggae artist)

Fun Fact: He's a certified Master Herbalist , knows the answer to world hunger & is the 2nd "Kevin Ryan" in our musical family

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "When there is no vacant space on the dancefloor, people are greatly enjoying themselves, and when I get to "slappa da bass mon"!

Favorite Song To Perform: "Get down on it... Because I like when the people get down!"

Why We Love Him: To the unsuspecting, he might appear shy and quiet but when you least expect it he'll spring a joke that'll have us busting a gut

Why You'll Love Him: Sounding just like the record, he brings a star quality to the stage you don't want to miss!

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Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals, Musical Director & Co-Owner

Will Also Respond To: Ricky MozartMost interesting person he's shared the stage with: BB King, Pointer SistersAstrological Sign: LibraFun Fact: He holds a black belt in Kempo martial arts; loves everything about the law; Rick & Danny (Bassist) are brothers and have been creating magic on stage since they were single digits. Those two vibe off each other musically like only brothers can.Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: Playing a Grand PianoFavorite Song To Perform: "Rock & Roll" Led Zeppelin because it always surprises the audience to hear his naturally quiet, raspy voice hit those high notes with such force and clarityWhy We Love Him: His firm but compassionate leadership style and extensive musical knowledge supports our company's continued growth Why You'll Love Him: With so much raw talent, octopus-like multitasking abilitites and solid leadership on stage, you're event is a sure success with him at the helm



Will Also Respond To: A-A-ron

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: He's had the privilege of playing guitar for multiple christian artists such as B.J. Putnam, Freddy Rodriguez, and Ricardo Sanchez

Fun Fact: He's a huge movie buff & knows many magic tricks

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig:  "Any time I see the crowd light up and get into a song.  It never gets old."

Favorite Song To Perform: "Don't Stop Believing" has been a favorite for years. Mainly because everybody knows it and I get an awesome solo!"

Why We Love Him: For his sweet moustache & easy-going personality 

Why You'll Love Him: He kills it on guitar!


Guitar, Vocals, His Model-esque Selfie Poses

Astrological Sign: Capricorn 

Band Given Nicknames: Lurch

Most interesting person you've shared the stage with: Tony Llorens  (keyboard player) James Brown, Albert King band

Fun Fact: He's from Germany, he can always be found with his guitar on him...while sleeping, cooking or even while in the bathroom 

Favorite Song To Perform: Axis & Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix. "I love it cuz it's just good music and Jimi Hendrix is the reason I got into guitar playing, grabbed dad's guitar at 5 yrs old and started playing along." 

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "When we get a fat paycheck at the end of the night. Lol, just kidding! When we played for GoPro and the crowd was hella ratchet and wild... Or that time when we had tons of bikini models on stage with us."


Pedal Steel Guitar

Fun Fact: He's the 2nd "Kevin Ryan" in our musical family 

Why We Love Him: So good-natured & easy to be around, we love rubbing shoulders with him 

Why You'll Love Him: A true cowboy and overall impressive musician, you don't want to miss his talent at your country event!

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Piano, Vocals, Jokes When You Least Expect It

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Will Also Respond To: Jem, Jemmie

Most Interesting Person he's shared the stage with: Pressure Busspipe

Fun Fact: He swam for VI National teams, will soon have a masters degree in medical physics, and is from the Virgin Islands

Favorite Song to Perform: No Ordinary Love by Sade.  It's so relaxing!

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Making people cry!  Reminds you how touching music is and why we play."

Why We Love Him: Always easy going, kind and with a sense of humor that will pop up when you least expect it, he's a loved member of our team

Why You'll Love Him: There's no one that brings that smooth, sultry crooner vibe that he's renowned for and with his ability to play piano and simultaneously command an audience with his voice, he's someone you absolutely want at your event!

Specializes In: Ballads, Variety Dance, Sade


Keyboard, Vocals, His Self-Deprecating Humor

Will Also Respond To: Dax

Astrological Sign: Capricorn 

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: John Foreman of Switchfoot

Fun Fact: He plays mostly by ear, and has been self taught ever since the age of 5.  He also taught his cat how to do backflips!  

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Meeting Joe Walsh at a show I played up in LA."

Why We Love Him: Great sense of humor and being so cute you wanna pinch his cheeks

Why You'll Love Him: While jamming out on the keys, he'll also be dancing & flashing his ever-present-smile


Keyboard, Vocals, Randomly launching into Don't Stop Believing lyric...."smell of wine!"

Will Also Respond To: Moose

Astrological Sign: Capricorn 

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Jay Leno

Fun Fact: He's done 1,050 push-ups in under 20 mins

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Any moment when everyone is playing/singing the right parts :-)"

Why We Love Him: Always Faith centered, his immeasureable talent is a force to be reckoned with

Why You'll Love Him: His winning smile, soulful vocals and impressive piano skills


Jazz Pianist, Latin Vocals

Astrological Sign: Scorpio 

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Good musicians

Fun Fact: That he plays any kind of music, except classical

Favorite Song to Perform: Blue Rondo a La Turk by Dave Brubeck because it's challenging

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Alternating with Larry Corriell at the Cork's Jazz Festival in Ireland

Why We Love Him:  Ever good-natured, he's so fun & easy to work with 

Why You'll Love Him: No one can touch his jazz chops & he knows every jazz song under the sun!

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Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Break Dancing

Will Also Respond To: BC, Minnesota 

Astrological Sign: Cancer/Leo (but he doesn't bite)

Why We Love Him: Always a team player, the boy can blow! 

Why You'll Love Him: His awesome horn chops and his adding cool horn lines to songs that don't normally feature horns


Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Being a Lady Killer

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: Lynard Skynard...on one of the few gigs they used a live horn section; Natalie Cole, Temptations, Donna Summers, Lou Rawls

Fun Fact: He speaks Latvian because his parents were immigrants

Oddest Event Request: "The oddest request I've had for a gig is when an agent called and said she had a client who wanted me to play solo sax on their honeymoon night, in their bedroom, while they consummated their marriage. Hire the band and you'll hear the rest of the story...."

Worst Memory at a Live Gig: "Most weddings are wonderful, right? But then there was the worst wedding toast I've ever heard, when the drunken father of the bride got up and said he hoped this marriage lasted longer than her last one. He went on and wouldn't shut up. Awkward! I'm sure she strangled him later."

Best Memory at a Live Gig: "The wedding where the bridal party, bride and groom, and half the guests all jumped in the pool."

Why We Love Him: On stage he's a calming influence but off stage he's apt to take you by surprise with his sideways comments & hilarious sense of humor

Why You'll Love Him: His sexy sax solos and attempts to follow our dance moves 


Trumpet, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Giving Great Hugs

Will Also Respond To: D'Rock, D Money, D Dizzle

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: His father

Astrological Sign: Libra

Fun Fact: He was a star athlete in high school. If he wasn't a musician he'd be a professional baseball player.

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "Playing live music is simply the best..too many great moments!"

Favorite Song To Perform: "Cuz horns dominate!!""What is Hip" Tower of Power

Why We Love Him: His playful, fun energy, kind heart & witty comebacks 

Why You'll Love Him: He gives 100% to each stellar performance.


Trumpet, Keyboard, Percussion, Being a Team Player

Why We Love Him: His commitment to excellence and easy going personality

Why You'll Love Him: He's seriously talented



Will Also Respond To: Hey you-the trombone, Bone Man, Kevy Bone, Dumbass, Horn Guy, Sax Guy, Pizza Guy

Astrological Sign: Leo

Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: "A long time ago--a tall, wild, vodka chugging blonde singer on a one-night corporate gig in Coronado--I don't remember her name. Or John Lithgow."

Fun Fact: Ran away with the circus

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "I played one gig with Aretha Franklin. Now I've played "Respect" with almost every band I've ever worked with. But when she walked on stage and started singing the song, it just got to me. HUGE thrill!"

Favorite Song To Perform: "Tough question; changes all the time. Right now it's the Michael Buble big band version of "Moondance."

Why We Love Him: Good natured, down to earth guy who's a joy to be around

Why You'll Love Him: His multi faceted abilities makes him a valuable contribution to our sound



Astrological Sign? Cancer. Band Given Nicknames? Sugar Lips Most interesting person you've shared the stage with: Peter Sprague. Fun Fact the average person wouldn't know about you: "I’m wild about the outdoors and an amateur nature photographer."  Favorite Song To Perform and why?  "Variety is the spice of life, why limit it to just one? I don’t think I’ve ever said 'that’s my favorite song'." Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "When I’ve just played a sax solo that was soulful, in the pocket, and connected with the audience... Happens often but I never get tired of it."

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Violin, Viola, Fiddle, Dance

Astrological Sign: Leo

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with:  The musicians of the Philharmonic Symphony in Peru 

Fun Fact: LOVES to latin dance & any dancing! 

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: Sailing across the San Diego Bay at sunset while performing with Republic of Music on a cruise 

Favorite Song To Perform: Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28 - Because its challenging and inspiring!

Why We Love Her: Her talent & enthusiasm for music & her team-player attitude 

Why You'll Love Him: Her beauty, elegance & notable talent adds so much to each event!


Violin, Fiddle

Will Also Respond To: Candy Schaefer, Candy Godchaux and Candy Lerman.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Aquarius rising, Sagittarius moon

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: Tanya Tucker, Johnny Lee, Shirley Bassey, Hank Thomson, Clint Black, Steve Goodman, The Flying Walendas, Wavy Gravy, James Burton and John Fogerty

Fun Fact: She recordedwith Jerry Garcia on "Cat's Down Under the Stars" album

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "When we are all in "the zone" together, band and audience, growing on the music!"

Favorite Song To Perform: "This is impossible to answer, I have too many favorites! Whenever it sounds really good, that's my favorite."

Why We Love Her: Her quiet yet powerful energy on stage is very grounding but we also adore her fun-loving, hippy-chick personality  

Why You'll Love Her: Beautiful, elegant and so incredibly musical, her experience and unsurpassed talent shines through in every song!

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