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Love & Music are Universal Languages That Connect Families From All Walks of Life

Your Culturally Focused Wedding Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If you're looking to infuse your families cultures & traditions into your celebration, then a Culturally Focused Wedding Experience may be right for you.

We have a deep appreciation and respect for traditions in many cultures and our goal is to bring communities from all walks of life together to celebrate love. 

Click to see Entertainment Ideas & Galleries for the following cultural demographics: 

Let Love Unite Us On The Dance Floor!

Multicultural Celebrations

There's nothing that makes us happier than seeing a dance floor full of happy people from many different cultures.


Love truly unites us all.

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Multicultural Real Wedding

Love Brings Italians, Ghanaians, and Giraffes Together

Here's what Brianna & Edem had to say about their day...

"Oh my gosh - where do I begin?! Just stop your search and book ROM now! Seriously. They truly made our night!! Weeks later we're still getting messages about "the best band they'd ever heard." Music is VERY important to me. And I am picky. I wanted to make sure everyone was on the dance floor and that both cultures were included.


Working with Tiana and friends was just effortless and they worked with every little change we made last minute! We even crowd surfed at the end and it was amazing!! Honestly, they knew how to engage with the crowd, felt their energy and played off them. They knew how to get everyone back on the dance floor, just naturals with everything. Gosh, they even rap! Tiana also asked me if I had preferences as to what they should wear! Who does that?!




Coordination & Design:        Videography:

Multicultural Real Wedding

Hilary & Carlo | Prado at Balboa Park


"Neither of us live in SD anymore, so we could only talk to vendors over the phone. Even through the phone, we could tell that RoM was special -- their range was staggering, their service was absolutely impeccable. 


Most of all, their first priority was what we wanted. They wanted to know who was going to be there, what mood we expected, what kind of energy we wanted to have, how we wanted to break up the dancing sets. Other bands seemed more concerned with their own needs and abilities; RoM wanted to know what we wanted.

Besides the band, they had strings for the ceremony. They played pop hits (Daft Punk, other stuff), Latin (Buena Vista Social Club, Selena), Motown. They even had a singer who could sing in Italian, which pleased my family to no end."

Multicultural Real Wedding

Love Abounds Within This Jewish, Indian & LGBTQ Community

Here's what Tye & Nithan had to say about their day...

"Tiana, you were all fabulous! Thank you for making our wedding day even more special. We received a lot of compliments about RoM from our guests as well. It’s a testament to you guys that EVERYONE was on the dance floor the entire time. Really, it was amazing!"


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Entertainment Ideas for Your

Culturally-Infused Celebration

We've had the honor of performing for many different cultures including: South Asian, Italian, Russian, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Ghanaian, Australian, Greek, African-American, Mexican, Jewish, Armenian, and many others. 

Below are some entertainment ideas to enhance specific cultural celebrations along with galleries from past events. We can't wait to collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind celebration for your friends and family! 

Jewish Celebrations

We've had the honor of performing for countless Jewish families and can't wait to collaborate with you to create your culturally authentic celebration!

We have a deep appreciation and respect for the sacred traditions of the Jewish union and will collaborate with you to determine the perfectly tailored package to fit the cultural nuances at your wedding. 

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Jewish Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Suggestions:


  • Our band plays a medley of Jewish songs to create an unforgettable Hora. 

  • We're happy to provide a small ensemble to provide lively background music during the Bedeken.

  • Let us provide romantic music during the Hakafot with either live musicians or DJ music. 

  • We're happy to accommodate conservative band attire. 

  • If required, we're able to provide an all-male band. 


Claire & Graeme | Coronado Community Center

"Selecting ROM was the best decision we made for the wedding (maybe slightly behind our decision to get married in the first place but it's close).


Starting from the beginning, the ROM team was extremely communicative (which can be rare in the industry). Tiana was supportive of all of our needs while offering suggestions based on her experience (without being pushy). We were able to select the performers that we wanted and the entire planning process was seamless.


We were adamant the hora had to be epic to start the night, epic is an understatement for what we got. It was 15 to 20 minutes of pure energy with the guests feeding off the band.


Our guests were on the dance floor from the beginning to the end, and I cannot tell you how many people during and after have told us we had the "best band ever," not even best wedding band ever, best band ever period.


I think the loudest endorsement was from a groomsman who said "I'm stealing your band for my wedding" (and, he's still single! LOL!)


If you are getting married get a band, if you're getting a band get ROM, there is no question they were worth every penny from their professionalism to their performance they cannot be beat."


Wendi & Adam | JW Marriott

"We knew our money was well spent when we looked around the room and didn’t see a single butt in the chair! A true testament of the night came the next day at our post wedding brunch, where several guests had lost their voices from singing with the band so hard.


One of our favorite moments of the night was our epic hora. Again, every single guest was involved and it really helped to get the night started and set the party tone.


ROM also got guests involved with a fun limbo session and a sing along that featured some of our guests hidden talents."

Jewish event videos


Indian + South Asian Celebrations


We celebrate authenticity and would be delighted to infuse your wedding with South Asian and Indian elements to compliment your vision. Our American-born South Asian couples are most often looking to create a wedding experience that is modern and hip but also celebrates their incredible heritage. 

We're familiar with the customs within maiyyan, sangeet or mehndi ceremonies and celebrate the differences between Hindu, Muslim, Gujarati, Punjabi, Pakistani, Bengali traditions, and are happy to customize your entertainment package to your unique vision.

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Indian + South Asian Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Suggestions:

  • Dhol players performing with the band or DJ create an epic grand entrance and cultural dance party.

  • Book our Live Band plus our DJ who specializes in culture-specific music to cover the best American and Indian music, including Bollywood. 

  • While the DJ spins cultural music, the drums and bass can play along with the tracks to give the music a live feel.

  • Our performers are happy to be conservative in their attire. 


Mali & Amine | Del Mar Country Club

"Republic of Music was amazing!!! They know to bring the party! They were able to play different genres of music as requested, from Latin to pop to classical. They even learned our first dance song which was so special. We received so many positive comments from our guests. We highly recommend them for your next event!

We love you all and you all are now honorary members of our family.  Your performance will be forever remembered; thank you so much Republic of Music!!"


Multicultural Real Wedding

Chinese & South-Asians Celebrate in the Name of Love

Here's what Hira & Leo had to say about their day...

"Holy $h*t, they were absolutely amazing! I'm the groom and I usually don't use expletives or write reviews (wife's orders), but Republic of Music deserves both.

I've never been to a wedding with a live band, so when they came to ours, I was blown away. They add this completely warm energy and unique experience that allowed everyone to relax, loosen up, and just party! I saw everyone having a good time...they even had my Asian Tiger Mom dancing!!


They came with a full band, 3 vocalist, AND a DJ; they also brought lighting. So for the price - it was definitely worth it as hiring a DJ on it's own was almost that price.


We are a muslim couple and the band accommodated all our requests regarding attire and music selection. We requested mainly top 40 music and they sounded better than the original artists! 


If you want your wedding to have the extra special touch that enhances the experience for you and your guests, get this band, they will make an impression that will last forever."


Coordination & Design:        Videography:

Multicultural Real Wedding

Mark & Selina | Darlington House


"Republic of Music brang the house DOWN! My wife and I decided that having live music at our wedding was the right call, and RoM rocked all night long.


RoM worked with us to find the right combination of songs and medleys, dinner music, and even got the groomsmen and groom to perform a surprise song for guests. Everything was perfect and RoM made our wedding even more special -- you better believe there was a conga line.


If you can book RoM for your next special event, don't hesitate! They are top notch performers and will make it a night to remember!"

Indian event videos

Asian Celebrations


We seriously love performing for the Asian community! Their love of music and unabashed self-expression when it comes to singing and dancing makes for the most memorable and fun weddings!

We're familiar with and celebrate the differences between Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean weddings and are happy to customize your entertainment package to your special vision.

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Asian Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Suggestions:

  • Include your sponsors during the Grand Entrance acknowledgements.

  • We're happy to play music that supports a variety of ballroom dance styles including West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot, etc. 

  • Add to the excitement of the party with interactive entertainment such as allowing guests to sing or perform with the band or incorporating Live Band Karaoke. 

  • While you greet your guests at each table or while the bride changes her dress, we'll entertain your guests with lively music that allows them to dance, if appropriate. 

  • The money dance is a fun way to shower the bride and groom at a Filipino or any other wedding!

Multicultural Real Wedding

Laura & Steve | Encinitas, CA


"We absolutely loved having Republic of Music at our wedding! You need to book them for yours too! Our experience with them was truly phenomenal from start to finish.

Keeping everyone engaged and having fun wasn't going to be easy because our wedding was super diverse - older Korean family from the East Coast, older Eastern European family from the Mid-West, LA hipsters, Hollywood actors, writers, producers, etc. It was important to us that everyone - EVERYONE - could participate and enjoy themselves. Which, of course, they did!"

Asian event videos


Mexican Celebrations


Who doesn't get excited by a little Latin music? Our team, for one, is all about it!


We feel honored to have contributed to countless Mexican multicultural weddings and are excited at the prospect of supporting yours with fun and festive music! 

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