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Love & Music are Universal Languages That Connect Families From All Walks of Life

Your Culturally Focused Wedding Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If you're looking to infuse your families cultures & traditions into your celebration, then a Culturally Focused Wedding Experience may be right for you.

We have a deep appreciation and respect for traditions in many cultures and our goal is to bring communities from all walks of life together to celebrate love. 

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Let Love Unite Us On The Dance Floor!

Multicultural Celebrations

There's nothing that makes us happier than seeing a dance floor full of happy people from many different cultures.


Love truly unites us all.

Multicultural Real Wedding

Love Brings Italians, Ghanaians, and Giraffes Together

Here's what Brianna & Edem had to say about their day...

"Oh my gosh - where do I begin?! Just stop your search and book ROM now! Seriously. They truly made our night!! Weeks later we're still getting messages about "the best band they'd ever heard." Music is VERY important to me. And I am picky. I wanted to make sure everyone was on the dance floor and that both cultures were included.


Working with Tiana and friends was just effortless and they worked with every little change we made last minute! We even crowd surfed at the end and it was amazing!! Honestly, they knew how to engage with the crowd, felt their energy and played off them. They knew how to get everyone back on the dance floor, just naturals with everything. Gosh, they even rap! Tiana also asked me if I had preferences as to what they should wear! Who does that?!




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Brianna & Edem | Love Brings Italians, Ghanaians & Giraffes Together

Brianna & Edem | Love Brings Italians, Ghanaians & Giraffes Together

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Multicultural Real Wedding

Hilary & Carlo | Prado at Balboa Park


"Neither of us live in SD anymore, so we could only talk to vendors over the phone. Even through the phone, we could tell that RoM was special -- their range was staggering, their service was absolutely impeccable. 


Most of all, their first priority was what we wanted. They wanted to know who was going to be there, what mood we expected, what kind of energy we wanted to have, how we wanted to break up the dancing sets. Other bands seemed more concerned with their own needs and abilities; RoM wanted to know what we wanted.

Besides the band, they had strings for the ceremony. They played pop hits (Daft Punk, other stuff), Latin (Buena Vista Social Club, Selena), Motown. They even had a singer who could sing in Italian, which pleased my family to no end."

Multicultural Real Wedding

Love Abounds Within This Jewish, Indian & LGBTQ Community

Here's what Tye & Nithan had to say about their day...

"Tiana, you were all fabulous! Thank you for making our wedding day even more special. We received a lot of compliments about RoM from our guests as well. It’s a testament to you guys that EVERYONE was on the dance floor the entire time. Really, it was amazing!"


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