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About Us & Our Ideal Client


What You Should Know About Republic of Music

As you're checking out bands, we can imagine that we all must look pretty similar -- polished videos that look & sound flashy, similar package options, and asking the same questions regarding your timeline and venue, etc. We bet it can be challenging to figure out the real differences between us bands beyond the price!

Our team at Republic of Music approaches weddings a bit differently. We do not view them as 'one-size-fits-all' and nor do we assume that a particular band size, songlist or level of audience interaction and energy will be right for you. We are all about creating a custom experience that truly reflects your love story and vibe. You'd be amazed by how much our look, sound, and feel can transform per event as we shift to match our clients vision!

Here Are a Few Factors That

Set Our Team Apart From Others:

- Unparalleled Customization Options -

You know how in some bands you might not care for all the performers within that group but you're stuck to the choices that they have? With us you get a team of Southern California's top 30 musicians, vocalists and DJs who perform together weekly and have genuine kinship with each other on and off stage. This gives us the unique ability to hand-select an ensemble that is perfectly tailored to your taste! No matter the lineup, it's still the same incredible quality that we're known for! (Btw, this is fun for us too as it keeps things fresh and exciting versus getting into a rut with the same ol' show.)

- Song Choices For Days -

If you're the type of couple that is wanting to hear classic wedding bangers, then you are going to be STOKED by the energy and extra 'stank' that we put on those timeless hits. On the other hand, if you're the type of couple that is looking for a more unique playlist that strays from your typical wedding songs, then you are going to be in heaven choosing music from our unrivaled 800+ songlist!

- Not Your Average Wedding Band -

 If thoughts like, "wedding bands are cheesy", "musicians make horrible business people", or "artists have big egos and are hard to work with" have ever crossed your mind, let us put your mind at ease! 

To cheesy songs or gimmicks we say, "no way!" Our team is known for being hip, edgy, and willing to get in the trenches with the guests to inspire the most epic dancefloors. 

Regarding our professionalism, if you read our reviews at The Knot, Wedding Wire or Yelp, you'll see countless gushing remarks about how fun, professional, and easy we are to work with and how we ooze with passion and commitment to our client's happiness. 


Regarding our team, while our impressive performers have won Grammys, been top runners on American Idol, and have toured with artists like Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Luis Miguel, Ike Turner, and Earth, Wind & Fire, to name a few, you would never know it based on our attitudes. Our team are the kindest, most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. Your guests do not stand a chance against our charms. ;-) #GuaranteedPackedDancefloor 

These are just a few reasons why over 350 couples have trusted us to provide one of the most important elements of their wedding; THE MUSIC!

The 5 Things You Should

Expect From Your Wedding Band


As you're considering which group to trust with the ever-so-important job of music & entertainment, we encourage you to evaluate the band's abilities and reputation around the following...



Your band should have a proven track record.


Any band can play cover songs, but what separates the good from the great is consistently positive feedback from past clients and a sterling reputation amongst industry peers who work in weddings every day.

What's the word on the street about Republic of Music? Check it out!

The Knot  |  Wedding Wire  |  Yelp

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Rave Reviews from Industry Professionals for Republic of Music ...


Christine Ong | Owner of Lavish Weddings

"I'm a local wedding planner in San Diego and I chose them for my own wedding because they are the absolute best."

Leah Mariscal | PRA Destination Management

"I manage events for a living and have worked with many different entertainment companies, and to-date, no one has been more professional, accommodating, inspiring and as versatile as they are.


When it came time to hire my own wedding entertainment, I HAD to choose them! Republic of Music is hands down the best live entertainment band that I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Kelsey Schwartz | Owner of Forever Enchanted Events

"Republic of Music is fantastic to work with! I work as an event coordinator in Rancho Santa Fe and they are incredibly professional and talented. We will absolutely be working with them in the future!"


Your band should have extensive knowledge of weddings and be able to execute your day without a hitch.

Being a good-sounding band is one thing, but understanding the complexities of executing a successful wedding is another thing! There are many working parts and ways it can go wrong if your vendors don't have experience in weddings.

Have you considered...


  • Does your band know how to start, and restart, a raging dance party when the dancefloor needs pausing during important moments such as cake cutting or the bouquet toss? 


  • What if your emcee fails to ensure your photographer is in the room before announcing your father/daughter dance and your special moment doesn't get captured?


These are the kinds of scenarios where having a flexible band that has quick-on-their-feet solutions is crucial! 

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Let us take stress off you like we did for these couples...


"Selecting ROM was the best decision we made for the wedding (maybe slightly behind our decision to get married in the first place, but it's close).


The entire planning process was seamless...the team was extremely communicative (which can be rare in the industry), offered suggestions based on their experience (without being pushy), and were extremely flexible.


The day before the wedding we asked them to come a couple hours early for set up due to weather concerns and it wasn't even close to being an issue!" - Claire & Graeme

"Tiana was very attentive, and kept my butt in line regarding timelines, updates, etc. she's practically a wedding planner!!


Not only that, but when Tiana saw that the bridal party was sitting in direct sunlight (oopsie, didn't think of that!) she ran over and gave me like 5 pairs of their own glasses!!!! Unreal. Blown away. 


You'd be crazy not to go with these guys!" - Teri & Dave



Your band should...

  • Provide consistent communication.

  • Pay fanatical attention to detail.

  • Make you feel important and understood from the first phone call.

You know how artists can tend to have a bad reputation for being unprofessional, ego-driven, and tough to communicate with?


Our secret weapon here is our LadyBoss Rockstar, Tiana. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she celebrates both business and the arts. Her commitment is not only for you to have an incredible wedding, but also an incredible client journey with us from day one. 


Cuz let's face it, even if your band sounded amazing on the day of, if they... 

  • weren't communicative

  • dropped the ball on important details

  • pushed their own agenda instead of focusing on your unique vision

  • or lacked warmth and enthusiasm wouldn't have a good feeling at the end of the day, would you? 


When working with us, you can expect each of your interactions to be consistently positive, accommodating, and squarely focused on how to give you the best day ever!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

We're serious about helping you have the day of your dreams. But don't take our word for it. Hear from couples, just like you...

"They helped us customize our day from songs, to lighting, to cocktail hour musicians, to wardrobe for the band, order of reception, MC details, etc., and made great suggestions.


They were very organized in leading us through the process which made it stress-free for me as the bride! I immediately clicked with Tiana and her team, as passion for what they do exudes from each and every one of them!" - Katie & Mike

"From our first phone consult I felt reassured and confident in ROM because of Tiana’s professionalism, person-ability, transparency, and knowledge and wisdom from working many weddings.


We had open communication, and were given very detailed instructions, advice, and feedback, which made planning our reception so effortless. Tiana listened to what we wanted and was patient and encouraging and helped keep us on track." - Monica & Isaac


Your band should help you craft an entertainment experience that will leave you feeling celebrated and closer to your friends & family. 

Weddings to us are not, 'one size fits all'. We go to great lengths to get to know you and your guests and exceed your expectations regarding what a band can bring to your party. We dive deep into...


What is your goal as a couple? 

  • How can we support you in feeling most loved and celebrated on your wedding day?

  • What 30 second clip is playing in your head as you visualize your dream wedding? Then we focus on delivering exactly that for you.  


Who are your guests? 

  • What age groups will be present & what professions are they in?

  • What part of the country are they coming from?

  • What cultures or ethnicities?

  • Are they prone to celebrating or might need a little encouragement?

  • Is anyone musical and might want to sit in with the band?

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Read how we blew Sarah & Shane's expectations out of the water!


"The band is so good at reading the room that they played a couple of songs that we had not anticipated that about blew the roof off our venue.


I will never be able to listen to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" again without picturing two of my husband's college friends joining the band for an impromptu guest singing experience. 


ROM also organized a sing-off battle on the dance floor to 4-Non Blondes "What's Going On" which also had our entire guest list crowded together on the dance floor.


This band was singularly the BEST investment of our wedding and our day would not have been the same without them."



Your band should be experts at reading a crowd and adjusting on-the-fly to bring out your guests maximum self-expression.

Based on our discussions with the couple, we always go in with a solid plan. But on the day of the wedding, once we meet the guests and feel the vibe of the room, we oftentimes make in-the-moment adjustments with either our song choice, energy, or interactiveness that elicits even more self-expression, shenanigans, and joyfulness than you even thought possible. 

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Read how Kim & Adam felt about our planning process...

"Their #1 skill (beyond being reasonably priced and so lovely to work with) is reading the crowd and adjusting their set list in real time to give your guests what they want.


They spent so much time with me helping to design my ideal party. They really listened to the vibe I wanted to create and gave great suggestions to keep the energy up."

- Kim & Adam


How do we promise to nail for you, you ask? 

If it's not already obvious, we're all about customizing your day to give you the most insane entertainment experience at your wedding. Because of our commitment to you, we spend an average of 25 hours prepping for your event. That doesn't even count the time it takes for setup, the actual performance, or tearing down!

In those 25 hours of prep we're: 

  • Creating custom songlists

  • Learning new tunes for your special dances

  • Rehearsing for your big day

  • Figuring out fun ways to incorporate your friends and family into our performance

  • Coordinating costume changes

  • Syncing up with your venue and coordinator

  • Curating the perfect playlists for break music -- just to name a few!

Are You Our Ideal Client? 

Our goal is to attract down-to-earth couples who: 

  • Share our values for bringing families and communities together

  • Are looking to throw a party as incredible as their love story

  • Are willing to invest in a quality experience versus seeking the cheapest price

  • Expect a high return on their investment in the form of fun & unforgettable memories

  • Appreciate a team who will bend over backwards for them

  • Believe that music unites us all

When working with us, you can expect each of your interactions to be consistently positive, accommodating, and squarely focused on how we can give you the best day ever!


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