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How to Host a Legendary Wedding That Will Leave Your Guests Starstruck & Shouting for, "One More Song!"

Your Party-Centric Wedding Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If you find yourself nodding your head while reading the following, then you're likely a Party-Centric kind of couple.


  • Our day needs to look and feel like the couple we and ready to party.

  • Top Priorities: Having an incredible time with our friends, an open bar, and a great dance band.

  • We don't want our day to feel stuffy or waste a lot of time on speeches, special dances, or a sit-down dinner.

  • We want there to be as much time for dancing as possible.

  • Everyone in our group is young or young-at-heart, so we plan to keep it lively all night.

  • We're mostly likely to dance to: Top 40, Club Music, 80s, 90s, and Hip Hop.

  • We're not afraid of color and costume changes.

  • We're excited by the thought of crowd interaction and guest party favors.

  • We think cool stage lighting, uplights, a confetti cannon, and a photo booth could make a big impact of the vibe of the party.

  • We expect our guests to be a bit wild towards the end.

  • We want everyone to walk away saying, "It was the best party ever!"

  • Crowd surfing is secretly on our bucket list.


Are we describing YOU?

Your wedding is your one shot to share

your rad love story.

It'll either go down as:

  • an epic day that sealed your love story and brought your community closer or...

  • ...just another "ho hum" event. 

That's where we come in! Whether a band or DJ, you not only need to figure out what songs you want played, but