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How to Host a Legendary Wedding That Will Leave Your Guests Starstruck & Shouting for, "One More Song!"

Your Party-Centric Wedding Experience


Republic of Music is known for creating customized Wedding Entertainment Experiences based on each couple's unique style & vision. If you find yourself nodding your head while reading the following, then you're likely a Party-Centric kind of couple.


  • Our day needs to look and feel like the couple we and ready to party.

  • Top Priorities: Having an incredible time with our friends, an open bar, and a great dance band.

  • We don't want our day to feel stuffy or waste a lot of time on speeches, special dances, or a sit-down dinner.

  • We want there to be as much time for dancing as possible.

  • Everyone in our group is young or young-at-heart, so we plan to keep it lively all night.

  • We're mostly likely to dance to: Top 40, Club Music, 80s, 90s, and Hip Hop.

  • We're not afraid of color and costume changes.

  • We're excited by the thought of crowd interaction and guest party favors.

  • We think cool stage lighting, uplights, a confetti cannon, and a photo booth could make a big impact of the vibe of the party.

  • We expect our guests to be a bit wild towards the end.

  • We want everyone to walk away saying, "It was the best party ever!"

  • Crowd surfing is secretly on our bucket list.


Are we describing YOU?

Your wedding is your one shot to share

your rad love story.

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It'll either go down as:

  • an epic day that sealed your love story and brought your community closer or...

  • ...just another "ho hum" event. 

That's where we come in! Whether a band or DJ, you not only need to figure out what songs you want played, but also how you'd like that music to land for your guests. We are masters at customizing our performance to bring your vision to life.


On your wedding day, which of your guests might resist the pull of the dance floor? 


To them we say,

"Challenge Accepted!"


Let them know we're coming for them!

Ali & Steve | Coasterra


"Initially I had my reservations about a band not having all the up to date songs a DJ could play but I was surprised to discover how many current Top 40 songs they played! If you are debating about hiring them... do yourself a favor, stop wondering and do it, you won't regret it; trust me!!"

New Year Sparks New Love at

This Wildly Fun NYE Wedding!

Here's what Kim & Adam had to say about their day...

"Stop your search right here and HIRE THIS BAND. I got married three months ago and the #1 comment I still get from people is "YOUR BAND WAS INCREDIBLE". There were a lot of question marks for me in wedding planning, but the one thing I knew was we needed an incredible band who could keep everyone on the dance floor the whole night. This is your band.


Their #1 skill (beyond being reasonably priced and so lovely to work with) is reading the crowd and adjusting their set list in real time to give your guests what they want. I gave them a list of must-hears and do not plays, but from there they just rocked it. Their energy is also second to none.


Now back to working with them - Tiana spent so much time with me helping to design my ideal party. She really listened to the vibe I wanted to create and gave great suggestions (even on the timeline I was working on with my planner) to keep the energy up.I interviewed a lot of bands before I found Republic of Music who were more expensive, had bigger egos and just seemed a little more difficult to work with. Take it from me - save your money, save yourself the headache, and give your guests a party they will keep talking about long after the wedding - hire these guys!!"


Coordination & Design:        Videography:

Nick & Lindsey | Rancho Valencia


"All of our guests, from our wild college friends to our 90-year-old aunt, complimented us on such a fun band! We had an 8-piece band for the reception and a great DJ for the after-party!


The ceremony strings played super-fun songs like the Mario Brothers Theme to keep the mood light and make our guests smile. During the reception, they made sure that the dance floor was never empty and the singers led a conga line around the room. Tiana even convinced my wife and I to crowd surf to "Don't Stop Believing" at the end of the night! 10 out of 10, we highly recommend them!"

Romance Gone Wild at This Rambunctious Celebration

at The New Children's Museum

Here's how Sarah & Shane felt about their day...

"This band was singularly the BEST investment of our wedding day and we cannot say enough good things about them. They were easy to plan & coordinate with, are truly talented musicians, and will turn your reception into a full blown party. Tiana and her team are pros and can guarantee your reception is unforgettable. We have had countless friends and family tell us, "Your band was AMAZING."


Live music was really important to us, and we wanted a party that would get everyone from my 90 year old grandma to my 10 year old cousin on the dance floor. Republic of Music totally delivered. The set list was perfect for guests of all ages and music tastes, and our dance floor was packed all night.


The band is so good at reading the room that they even played a couple of songs that we had not anticipated that about blew the roof off our venue. I will never be able to listen to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" again without picturing two of my husband's college friends joining the band for an impromptu guest singing experience. Tiana also organized a sing-off battle on the dance floor to 4-Non Blondes "What's Going On" which also had our entire guest list crowded together on the dance floor.


Our wedding would not have been the same without them. I can't say this ardently enough: BOOK THEM, you will love them and be so glad that they were a part of your day."


Coordination & Design:        Videography:

Robin, Mother of the Groom | Tucson, AZ


"The band interacted with our crowd and kept everyone engaged, dancing, and frenetic. We even scrapped our speeches because we didn't want to interrupt the party. Five hours later we were trying to end the night but our guests were out there dancing to recorded music, demanding more! What more could you ask for?"

unleash your inner rockstar

We believe that at the core of each human being

is a rockstar dying to get out.

We are the key to unlocking YOUR inner rockstar. Let's party.


Katie & Vince | The Prado at Balboa Park


"We invited a lively crew and instructed the band to not hold back on guest participation. They taught us sweet dance moves to "Rollin on The River" and even conspired with my mother on an epic flash mob. (I am still shocked my mom was able to keep a secret from me.)


The R.O.M. team was so engaging and truly kept our guests happy and entertained which allowed me to be exactly where I wanted to be the whole night, on the dance floor surrounded by family and friends."

We leave it all on the dancefloor.


Boring weddings blow.

We don't do boring. 

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There are no do-overs. 


Your guests either dance till they drop or they slip away bored right after dessert.


Although we may cost more than you budgeted for, can you afford to get this wrong?

Invest in entertainers you can count on. 

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