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Weddings are rad. And the right band is EVERYTHING.

Invest in Entertainers You Can Count On.

What was the last time you danced, sang, and celebrated with ALL of your family and friends? Will there ever be another opportunity like this?

With any once-in-a-lifetime event, you only have one chance to impress your guests. With music being one of the #1 thing the guests remember, the stakes are high when choosing entertainers to trust with this important job. At Republic of Music, we take all the stress out of planning your entertainment so you can truly savor your wedding day and leave your guests talking about it for years to come!

You have one shot. We promise not to blow it. 

What fun & romantic entertainment do you envision at your dream wedding? 

As Southern California's top full-service wedding entertainment company, Republic of Music is the only call you need to make when searching for romantic ceremony musicians, swanky cocktail hour performers, a classy dinner ensemble, a fun dance band, a professional DJ, an engaging Emcee, staging, and reception lighting.


Our options are as vast as your imagination and each entertainment package is custom-created to match your vision and budget. So to build your perfect entertainment, you can either call us at (619) 277-8689 to schedule a complimentary consultation or fill out our online Wedding Questionnaire to receive a quote!

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Reception Dance Band


First and foremost, Republic of Music is known for our high energy, incredibly interactive and fun dance band. Our size can range from a 5-15 piece band. We feature an incredible lineup of male and female vocalists who sing, dance, emcee, and engage your guests. Backing our vocalists is our team of top musicians including drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, as well as specialty instruments such as fiddle, dhol, percussion, steel drums, and mariachis. We also have an amazing electric string section featuring violin, viola & cello that can play during your ceremony and cocktail hour as well as with our dance band during your reception. 

The Core Elements of a Great Dance Band
The six core performers that make up your dance band are: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, and at least one Male and Female Lead Vocalists. Those are the minimum performers needed to give you a fun dance party unless a smaller band is paired with a DJ. From there you can add additional vocalists, horns, and specialty instruments such as electric violin or a percussionist.

Your Vocalists Make the Party
Many of our musicians sing lead and background vocals but their main job is to make the music sound full and inspire the guests to come to the dance floor. Your lead vocalists are the ones that will tangibly engage your guests with their singing, dancing, and signature audience interaction. So, if you love the idea of high energy, fun choreography, and interaction with your guests, then we highly suggest having at least three lead vocalists. 

Horns Make Your Wedding Sound Like a Concert
When you love that big band sound and want the music to sound just like the record when playing songs from artists like Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bruno Mars, Motown, 70s, etc., you'll want to include a full horn section in your band ensemble.


A full horn section is at least three horns: saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. If you're looking for just a sprinkling of that live horn sound, then you can get away with just Saxophone and Trumpet for a mini horn section, or just add a Solo Saxophonist to the mix. In these scenarios, your keyboardist will set up two keyboards and will use one to play horn sounds and the other to play piano sounds, and will fill in whatever horn parts are missing.


There's no replacement for the magic that a live horn section can add to the party, but if it comes down to budget, we know how to make the music sound full and awesome with or without horns. 

An Electric Violin or Percussionist Adds a 'Cool' Factor
Adding an electric violinist to our dance band is a very cool, and a not-as-often-seen element in a band if you're looking for some added 'wow factor'. If the violinist performs for your ceremony, it will sound ultra romantic with the acoustic violin. But when our violinist accompanies dance music, she will play an electric violin which sounds really edgy and awesome, and she'd add killer, shredding solos throughout the night. 


Making Latin Music Sound Most Authentic
Adding 2-3 horns is a must for any Latin ensemble. Adding a percussionist is also a really important musician if you love Latin music or are a 'rhythm officiando'. Congas, bongos and chimes sound so cool alongside a traditional drummer!  

Dinner Background Music

Dinner is an important bonding time between us and your guests. While playing a wide array of background songs that are sure to please both the young and young-at-heart, we work on charming your loved ones and getting a 'read' on what styles of music they're responding to. This helps us know exactly what it'll take to get them dancing later in the reception in case we need to make any last minute adjustments to our dance playlist. During this time, we're very aware of performing at a volume that allows your guests to easily hold a conversation. 

 During dinner, we perform nostalgic hits from all the decades such as, Frank Sinatra, Fleetwood Mac, Temptations, Van Morrison, Adele, Ed Sheeran, including a wide range of genres such as jazz, r&b, blues, country ballads, reggae, acoustic pop, soft rock, latin, and 80s. ​​


Don't be surprised if couples feel compelled to jump up and dance during dinner!

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reception videos

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Professional DJs

A Professional DJ can be included in your entertainment package in the following ways:

  1. Add a DJ to the dance band to enhance the sound. 

  2. Book our DJ along with a few live musicians for a fun DJ-Live hybrid experience.

  3. The DJ can play your ceremony or cocktail music before the band begins or as the after-party DJ once the band concludes your reception.

  4. A Professional DJ can be booked for your entire event.

Reasons to add a DJ to your entertainment package:

  • If you have a noise ordinance or a decibel limit after a certain time, or if you envision an after-party in a smaller room, switching to a DJ makes total sense.

  • If you're looking to save money, utilizing a DJ for a portion of your event can cut down on your entertainment costs.

  • If you're the type of couple that likes club music, lots of hip hop, techno music of any kind, or want to include Cultural music into the night, then adding a DJ would be a perfect compliment to the band.

  • If you love Top 40 music but want it to sound more club-like, then our DJ will play along with the band and add in scratching, sound effects, loops, beat drops, and possibly a rap or two. This makes the band sound even more lively, hip, and edgy.

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Cocktail Music


Whether pre-recorded music or live musicians, as a full-service wedding entertainment company, we're happy to provide affordable options for your cocktail hour.

Your Cocktail Hour Music Options:

  • Pre-Recorded DJ Playlist

  • Solo Acoustic Guitar

  • Solo Keyboard

  • Acoustic Guitar + Keyboard

  • Vocalist + Acoustic Guitar OR Keyboard

  • Instrumental Trio - drums, bass + keyboard OR guitar

    • Music Featured: jazz (standards + smooth jazz), swanky groove, latin fusion, beach/reggae, pop music

  • ​Pop Trio - Vocalist, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard

    • Music Featured: unlimited options

  • ​Instrumental Quartet - drums, bass, saxophone + keyboard OR guitar

    • Music Featured: jazz (standards + smooth jazz), swanky groove, funk, latin fusion, pop music

  • ​Pop Quartet - drums, bass, vocalist + keyboard OR guitar

    • Music Featured: pop music, soft rock, beach/reggae, singer-songwriter, jazz standards

  • SoCal Beach Band - 4-5 performers - choice of: drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, steel drums, vocalists

    • Music Featured: Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, Beach Boys, Sublime, Jimmy Buffett, and more

  • Mariachis​ - 5+ performers

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Ceremony Music

Whether you desire pre-recorded music or live musicians, we're happy to provide affordable options for your ceremony. Our ceremony package includes a sound system and microphone for your officiant.

String performers are a lovely addition to your ceremony, however, because they may not be staying for the whole wedding, they are a premium option. The most cost-effective option is to utilize the performers that are already a part of your reception band, (i.e. guitar, keyboard, vocalist, etc).

Your Ceremony Music Options

  • Pre-Recorded DJ Playlist

  • Solo Acoustic Guitar

  • Solo Keyboard

  • Acoustic Guitar + Keyboard

  • Vocalist + Acoustic Guitar OR Keyboard

  • Violin & Keyboard

  • String Duo

  • String Trio

  • String Quartet 

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Squeezing the Most Joy Out of  Your Precious Few Moments!

  • Warm & Professional Emcee Announcements

  • Day-Of Timeline Management

With such a limited timeframe to fit so many important moments into, there is nothing worse than wasting precious time due to an unorganized timeline or an Emcee who fails to lead your guests effectively. Our Emcees are known for being professional, warm, and fun, and know just how to keep the attention on you while moving your guests seamlessly through your wedding timeline.

We work great alongside your Planner and/or Venue Coordinator. And if you are hosting an event without these roles present, we're happy to take the reins and create a timeline that maximizes your dancefloor success, and then day-of, we'll execute that plan as your Honorary Coordinator/Emcee.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Staging, Lighting, Production & Design


We can provide uplights, gobos, intelligent lighting, trussing, stages, dancefloors, projector screens, monitors and beyond. Our pricing tends to be more budget-friendly than most venues or outside lighting & production companies so let us know if we may provide you with a quote.

Click to View Lighting, Stage, & Production Information & Examples

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Your 'Peace of Mind' Wedding Day Package Includes:

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Couples love our Emcee skills!


"Kori emceed the entire event beautifully and kept the night flowing smoothly." - Diana & Sean

"Tiana is a masterful MC and can rally a crowd in the most loving & sincere way." - Victoria & Drew

Worry-Free Sound & Lighting!

  • Concert-Quality Sound Set Up

  • Basic LED Lighting for Band & Dancefloor

  • Professional Sound & Lighting Tech

  • Wedding Day Contingency Plans

We don't use the excuse that technology sometimes breaks. There's too much on the line for your AV equipment to not work. Our team will design your sound and lighting to fit the feel of your event. You'll never be bogged down by questions related to staging, power or venue load-in, and you won't have to worry about unforeseen breakdowns being handled efficiently. We'll utilize our vast event knowledge and employ quick-on-our-feet solutions while communicating with the venue and coordinator to ensure you enjoy a stress-free day.

Our sound & lighting team are known for nailing the perfect volume and visual ambiance for each portion of the celebration and know just how to shift the acoustics and stage lighting to ramp up the energy as the event progresses.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Nailing That Perfect Volume...


"Austin, the group's sound man, ensured that the sound was at the perfect level for enjoyment all night." - Courtney & Greg

"During dinner, the band played at just the right volume, allowing our guests to enjoy their meals and conversation." - Robin, Mother of the Groom 

Click to View Lighting, Stage, & Production Information & Examples


Expert Song Selection & Music Flow to 

Ensure a Packed Dancefloor!

  • Access to our 800+ Songlist

  • A Customized Playlist to Compliment Your Vision

  • On-the-Fly Music Adjustments as We Expertly Read Your Room 

  • Two Complimentary New Request Songs for Special Dances 

  • Pre-Mixed DJ Playlists during band breaks

There is nothing more painful to watch than a band or DJ playing a song that clears a previously packed dancefloor. Our expert knowledge of music and how certain songs inspire different groups of people ensures that we keep your friends and family, both young and young-at-heart, dancing and celebrating at their max potential all night.

Our songlist contains all the hits you'd expect us to know as well as tons of others that might more accurately portray your unique tastes. And if you request a song to enhance a special moment that we do not already know, we're happy to learn up to (2) new songs for you, complimentary. For additional new song requests, just ask!

As dead air is the killer of all great parties, you'll experience a seamless flow from our live sets to our pre-mixed DJ break playlists and we'll support you in creating a timeline that contains minimal band breaks. And if continuous music is needed with no band breaks, just ask!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

The benefit of having a band that can flex on the fly:


"Something that I want to acknowledge about their professionalism & expertise is that we originally said we just wanted the band to play music - no games, no interaction with our guests, ect. But once they got going at our reception, they read our guests really well and strayed a little from our original plan. The end result was fantastic!


Our guests were on stage singing with the band, they pulled out limbo and a conga line, just the ultimate party. At the end of the day, we were so happy with this big purchase and they were worth every penny." - Alexa & Danny

Need Ideas for Your Special Dances? Check Out Our Spotify Playlists of Songs We've Performed! 

Passionate Performers Who'll Get in the Trenches With You to Guarantee the Best Party of Your Life!

  • Fun Audience Interaction

  • Entertaining Choreography

  • Band-Mate-for-a-Day Guest Performance Option

  • Coordinated & Classy Performer Attire 

There are few little events in life that are as chock-full of opportunity to celebrate love, and eat, drink, and dance with wild abandon as weddings do. We know how much money you're spending and the hours of tedious planning you're putting in to craft your dream day. And with music being one of the most remembered elements of your party, we take our job seriously to perform full-out and inspire your group's max self-expression.

From dance-offs to conga lines, surprise confetti cannons to tossing out glow rings, to incorporating a costume change for added excitement, we'll pull out all the stops to ensure that you and your guests have the most fun night of your lives.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Guest Performances...When you're the Star of the Show!


We can't think of a better way to ensure the best wedding memories for you than having you or your guests join us on stage to sing or play an instrumentWe're one of the few bands that not only welcomes, but encourages it! Talk about memories that will last a lifetime!


How does it feel to be a rockstar for the night? 

"My sisters and I got to be bandmates for the day and sing with the band which was pretty epic!!" - Melissa & Josh 

"I loved being able to play along with the band and feel like a rock star for the night." - Leticia & Scott

To view fun guest performance clips, click here!

Energize the Party with Guest Favors:

For an extra 'wow' factor, we're happy to bring party favors to distribute to your guests. Favors can include LED foam wands, glow bracelets or glasses, blow up instruments, etc. These are a great option to give your guests after the cake cutting to infuse the party with a burst of energy. Inquire for pricing.

Coordinated Performer Attire...We want to look good for you!

From formal gowns & tuxes, to summery cocktail dresses & suits, to classy nightclub outfits, etc., we'll match our attire to the aesthetics & color palette of your wedding. We're also happy to do a costume change once the dancing starts for added energy & excitement.

6 Piece Band_kori_Erika_Tiana.jpg

 A Team That Will Sweat The Details With You Until Your Successful Event

  • Guaranteed Band Rehearsal to Perfect Your Special Dances 

  • Unlimited Email, Phone & Text Access to Our Planning Team

  • Informative & Time-Efficient Planning Tools to Customize Your Ideal Party

  • 1-2 Phone Consultations to finalize wedding details