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Female-Fronted Show | Cocktail, Dinner & Dance Music

Republic of Music, a San Diego party band, offers specialty shows based on your vision for the event.  We offer theme shows from 1-4 hours depending on the style of music you desire. All theme shows are executed in the appropriate costumes and with choreography when needed.

Looking for Variety?

Many of our clients love a wide variety of music from every era and genre. If you fall into this category, we'll happily create a custom variety show where you pick the music you want to hear and an RoM Representative will suggest the appropriate performer lineup.  You're also welcome to request a mini theme shows (1 hour set) while still having the rest of the celebration showcase a variety of music.You dream it; we'll provide it! We are your Southern California dance band!

ROUGE: Republic of Music, a Southern California live band for hire, presents a flirty and fun female-fronted show featuring an array of girl vocalists, string players and musicians. Covering all styles of background as well as dance music, this is a visually & energetically dynamic show that is sure to please all audiences!


Configuration Options: 3-5 Female Vocalists that Sing, Dance & Provide Extraordinary Entertainment

Standard Configuration: 8 piece dance band includes 4 female vocalists backed by 4 world class musicians that cover drums, bass, guitar and keyboard


Ideal Configuration: 14 piece show band band featuring 4 female vocalists along with drums, bass, guitar and keyboard, plus our award winning horn section and our gorgeous electric violinists. 

​Dancers: choreographed dancers can be added for additional performance energy

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