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Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals, Musical Director & Co-Owner

Will Also Respond To: Ricky Mozart                            
Most interesting person he's shared the stage with: BB King, Pointer Sisters
Astrological Sign: Libra
Fun Fact: He holds a black belt in Kenpo martial arts; loves everything about the law; Rick & Danny (Bassist) are brothers and have been creating magic on stage since they were single digits. Those two vibe off each other musically like only brothers can.
Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: Playing a Grand Piano
Favorite Song To Perform: "Rock & Roll" Led Zeppelin because it always surprises the audience to hear his naturally quiet, raspy voice hit those high notes with such force and clarity
Why We Love Him: His firm but compassionate leadership style and extensive musical knowledge supports our company's continued growth 
Why You'll Love Him: With so much raw talent, octopus-like multitasking abilities and solid leadership on stage, you're event is a sure success with him at the helm


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