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Vocals, Dance, LadyBoss Rockstar

Will Also Respond To: Lady T, T-Love, Lisa Marie, TT

Most interesting person she's shared the stage with: Ricky Mozart, Gene Simmons

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Fun Fact: She's crazy about her puggles, Cade & Chloe & loves to hike.

Favorite Song To Perform: "Shout" Isley Brothers, "Because we work the crowd into a frenzy every time."

Favorite Moment at a Live Gig: "It always gets me witnessing the father of the bride toast his daughter at a wedding. Those moments have made me cry too many times to count. At any other event it's the biggest high to experience the magic that gets created between us and the guests on the dancefloor."

Why We Love Her: With her innovative business vision and assertive yet kind leadership style, she keeps our team on track and present to the "why" behind what we do, which is to 'come hither' the guests full self expression and celebration.

Why You'll Love Her: Her commitment is to be more than a qualified vendor with whom you do business with but more of a trusted & respected friend, adviser and vanguard for the success of your event entertainment

Specializes In: Variety Dance, Country, Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz


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