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Coronado Marriott

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Coronado Marriott

Our San Diego live wedding band has had the pleasure of performing for countless elegant and modern weddings at Coronado Marriott overlooking

San Diego’s bay. From elegant celebrations in their tent to gorgeous receptions in their ballroom, we can’t wait to support you in hosting your dream wedding at this renowned Coronado wedding venue!

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Image by Joanna Kosinska

Why we LOVE The Coronado Marriott

It seems more than a coincidence that the couples who choose to have their event at San Diego's Coronado Marriott are all about: 


Living a love-filled life


Dancing with their favorite people


Hosting a timeless but trendy party


Looking back on their wedding as “the best day ever!”

Image by Joanna Kosinska

FUN EVENT memories

at coronado marriott

live wedding videos

at coronado marriott


Favorite Coronado Marriott Memories:

  • We supported our bride and her father in creating an epic, choreographed
    father & daughter mashup that went from a ballad, to a swing number, and ended with hip hop...

  • Every one of our Coronado Marriott events concluded with a packed dance floor and guests shouting for, "one more song!”...

  • We surprised our bride by helping organize a flash mob with her whole bridal party and family...

  • We've witnessed a gaggle of groomsmen singing Journey from the top of their lungs while holding each other in true bromance style...

  • We've had countless guests sit in to perform with us on stage, much to the delight of the bride and groom and their families...

  • ...And have experienced so many touching and funny memories at this coastal event venue.


All of this magic happens because of the commitment that

Republic of Music and The Coronado Marriott team has to our beloved clients.

Gorgeous Wedding Photography at Coronado Marriott

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