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Rancho Valencia

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Rancho Valencia

Our Southern California live wedding band has had the pleasure of performing for countless unforgettable weddings at the luxurious Rancho Valencia in San Diego’s elite, Rancho Santa Fe community. Nestled in nature and teeming with ranch-style elegance, this property’s stunning beauty is the gorgeous setting for your timeless celebration whether in their lovely outdoor space or in their intimate ballroom. Let us support you in creating your dream wedding at this dream venue.

Image by Joanna Kosinska
Image by Joanna Kosinska

Why we LOVE

Rancho Valencia

It seems more than a coincidence that the couples who choose to have their event at San Diego's Rancho Valencia are all about: 


Honoring their love with an unforgettable celebration


Timeless wedding design over trendy


 Partaking in classic wedding traditions


Music that appeals to all ages and spans decades

live wedding videos

at Rancho valencia

Nick & Lindsey | Black & White Elegance at Rancho Valencia

Nick & Lindsey | Black & White Elegance at Rancho Valencia

Experience Nick & Lindsey's classic black and white wedding with a checkered dance floor and a custom neon sign boasting, "The Bassos" at the gorgeous, Rancho Valencia property in San Diego, CA. This video features live performance clips of Republic of Music's string trio, jazz quartet, 8 piece reception band, and after-party DJ. The groom also recounts his experience of working with Republic of Music for his wedding. Song Table of Contents: 00:00 Ceremony: Game of Thrones Theme 00:16 Ceremony: You Raise Me Up, Josh Groban 00:27 Ceremony: Pachabel's Canon in D 00:39 Cocktail Hour: Breezin', Jazz Standard 00:57 Cocktail Hour: Song for My Father, Jazz Standard 1:09 Groom's Testimonial 1:39 Dinner: By Your Side, Sade - feat. Tiana 1:58 Dinner: Sailing, Christopher Cross - feat. Joe 2:16 Dinner: Just The Way You Are, Billy Joel - feat. Darryl 2:45 Dinner: Smooth Operator, Sade - feat. Jemille 3:04 Dinner: Redbone, Childish Gambino - feat. Kori 3:27 Dinner: Let's Stay Together, Marvin Gaye - feat. Darryl 3:51 Dinner: Moondance, Van Morrison - feat. Darryl 4:07 Dinner: Harvest Moon, Neil Young - feat. Jemille 4:24 Dancing: Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison - feat. Darryl 4:46 Dancing: Fireball, Pitbull - feat. Kori 4:54 Dancing: Hey Ya, Outkast 5:17 Dancing: Proud Mary Guitar Solo 5:27 Dancing: Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond - feat. Darryl 5:42 Don't Stop Believing, Bride & Groom Crowd Surfing - feat. Kori 6:02 After Party, DJ Treflip Entertainment provided by: Republic of Music -

Favorite Rancho Valencia Memories:

  • From a string quartet to a classy jazz ensemble, to a fun party band complete with an after-party DJ, we’ve provided it all at this multifaceted property…

  • We’ve witnessed the most fun and intimate celebrations with only a handful of our couple’s favorite people…

  • Experienced maximum elegance at the top of the night that transformed to the rowdiest of dance floors by the end…

  • Our band surprised and delighted the guests when they went from watching a video clip of ‘Say a Little Prayer’ from My Best Friend’s Wedding and then the curtain opened up to reveal us as we took over the song...

  • ...And countless more touching and funny memories at this Rancho Santa Fe wedding venue.


All of this magic happens because of the commitment that

Republic of Music and The Rancho Valencia team has to our beloved clients.

Gorgeous Wedding Photography at Rancho Valencia