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Rom grooves and moves holiday bom-bom's! by Kori Gillis

As one of San Diego's most energetic live music party bands, we enjoyed a plethora of musical performances this past holiday season, entertaining crowds for corporate and wedding events. 2013 was filled with amazing engagements around the southern California region, culminating into a wonderful array of spectacular winter musical experiences that pleased holiday partygoers all season long.

Highlights include: PriceSmart, who very cleverly chose the classically gorgeous US Grant hotel in downtown San Diego as the venue for their holiday party. Even more genius, they booked Republic of Music for their cover band entertainment. Although we play a multitude of genres of music, the guests at this partcular party seemed to really enjoy latin music and we were more than happy to oblige! From Shakira, to Marc Anthony, to Ricky Martin and even to the great Celia Cruz, people were shaking their bom-bom's across the entire ballroom floor throughout the evening.

Also noteworthy was the charming and very elegant wedding reception of Alexandra and Nate held in the beautiful California wine vineyards of Temecula.

They chose a wide range of musical genres for their wedding entertainment from musical theater to oldies to current dance hits. Of course, they also chose Republic of Music as their San Diego wedding band.

It was our distinct pleasure to aid in spreading joy through music this past holiday season and we look forward to even more success in the new year as one of San Diego's top live music party bands!

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