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The New "Great Gatsby" Trend

Ever since Fergie announced that a "little party never killed nobody" on the soundtrack of the blockbuster hit movie "The Great Gatsby", Roaring Twenties and Gatsby-themed events have been all the rage. As one of the main Top 40 cover bands in southern California, we at Republic of Music have had the opportunity to be the cover band at many themed events. We couldn't help but notice the multiple Gatsby-themed events. It happens to be a very creative and fun way to party to contemporary and retro Top 40 music while dressed in costume attire. Especially when you have a cover band that can fill up the dance floor like Republic of Music!

This past year, we at Republic of Music have had the pleasure of being the cover band for Gatsby-themed events for the corporations of Sony and Hyundai here in Southern California. Hyundai's event happend onboard the historic and beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, while Sony hosted their holiday party at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido. We were very excited to dress up along with the rest of the guests and be the cover band that rocked the party with musical selections that got the crowd moving and filled the dance floor with lots of energy.

In between the raffles and prizes given out at company holiday events, we at Republic of Music make sure the dance floor is packed with party people. This, after all, is the main objective of a Top 40 cover band or party band. While searching for a cover band for your company holiday party, or entertainment (band or DJ) for your wedding, look no further than us here at Republic of Music. Your one stop shop for entertainment.

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