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Connecting with Communities Through Music

As leaders in event entertainment, we are in the business of people. What better way to connect with people than to go out into the community and party with them in their own backyard? This is exactly what we did with the Del Sur community for their summertime concert series. We had a blast onstage and off, while hundreds of Del Sur residents came out to socialize and fellowship with one another.

One of the fun and interesting things about being in a cover band or top 40 party band is that all of the songs that we play are recognizable. From the first note we play, ears perk up and eyes light up as people in the audience pinpoint a familiar musical phrase or chord as the beginning of one of their favorite songs. It was really great to look out into the audience and watch those revelations on the faces of many of the Del Sur residents in attendance.

There was a screening of the Disney movie, "Frozen" after our band finished playing, and the Del Sur youth came out in droves in order to meet the famous Disney sisters Elsa and Anna from the blockbuster hit film, who happened to be in attendance. Elsa and Anna added to the energy of the crowd by singing and dancing along to all of the music provided by the band, and even led an acapella group sing-a-long of the epic hit “Let it Go”!. It was a fantastic event and a good time was had by all. So much so, that RoM was invted to Del Sur again for an 80's themed event.

We pride ourselves on covering a wide range of musical styles and genres with a high level of virtuosity and energy. The result is an event in which young and old alike are guaranteed to have an amazing experience that they will not soon forget. So, if you’re community is contemplating a get-together in the near or distant future, make ROM your first and easiest decision as the choice for entertainment! You will not be disappointed.

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