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...And To All A FUN Night!!! by Kori Gillis

Since the Chinese New Year just ended and ALL the holidays have officially ended, it is time to recount the exciting festivities of the 2nd Annual Republic of Music Holiday Party!As 2013 came to a close and ROM finished entertaining the last of the holiday corporate events, Co-Owners/Directors Tiana Hartsten and Rick Perez were gracious enough to spread a little holiday cheer to the musicians and families of ROM that made the year such a success!!! No expense was spared from the very detailed and perfectly executed menu to the lavish holiday decor that extended to the outdoor swimming pool.

The evening began with everyone surrounding the beautifully adorned table of hors d'oeurves with awkward conversation since very few of us have ever conversed or interacted with each other socially when we're not bound by the camaraderie that music provides its musicians on an actual gig. Soon after, everyone trickled onto the patio and as the wine flowed and ourresident comedienne and spotlight stealer, London and her husband arrived from Orange County, all the guests started to "loosen up a bit". Jeff, our resident male country crooner, another comedian with impeccable timing started in on the jokes, while Derek, a trumpet virtuoso was heard cackling along with R&B singer, Kogee. After a bit more wine, Ivory Black, rock n' roll songstress would eventually be heard singing show tunes along withKogee, as per usual.

As dinner arrived and progressed, our gracious host thanked everyone in attendance for alltheir hard work and/or sacrifice and expressed their sincere appreciation. Some light-heartedgames followed where no one was daring enough to "steal" a gift from anyone (the actual premise of the game) and a good time was had by all! Thanks Rick & Tiana! We're already looking forward to the next one!!!

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