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This Slash That Slash Road Trip!!! by Kori Gillis

One of the perks of being in an entertainment group/cover band/top 40 band/wedding band in the region of Southern California is all the different habitats/climates/environments in this part of the country. San Diego County alone contains the most diverse and numerous ecosystems when compared to any other area in the US. So, its really amazing when traveling to/through/around all the different scenery. Even when one particular soul-singer/musician/dancer/blogger was afraid for his life while slowly winding up the steep/slippery/foggy mountain to Lake Arrowhead, CA to assist with the entertainment of a wedding, the sheer adventure and contrastive nature of this environment to the normally sunny/warm/beachy atmosphere of San Diego made it a remarkable and wonderful "gig" that would not soon be forgotten.

Add to this, the fact that once atop the mountainous region of Lake Arrowhead, CA the resort was as spectacular as the view was breathtaking, it was clear that it was a trip well worth making. Undoubtedly, everyone must have taken a moment to reflect on the beauty that surrounded them. Just one glance and it was completely clear why the couple chose such a picturesque/romantic/intimate setting to celebrate their union and new journey in life together as husband and wife! It also goes to show that there are many different themes/venues/ways that would/could be suitable/desirable for a couple to celebrate their marraige. - (including a cold/snowy wedding in California) Since we've about seen it all, please feel free to contact us for new/interesting/different wedding ideas! As our first road trip of the year, it couldn't have been more memorable and it was a great way to continue the kick off of 2014!

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