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Sock-Hops and Selfies by Kori Gillis

It doesn't get much more American than hot dogs and hamburgers in an automobile with 50's era rock n' roll doo wopping in the background. Perhaps this is why LTC Financial solicited the services of Republic of Music, Inc., the highly sought after, San Diego cover band and San Diego Corporate dance band, for their Sock-Hop themed corporate event!

The fellas greased back their hair and rolled up their jeans and the sleeves of their tees while the ladies tied scarves around their necks and ponytailed-hair styles while dancing the night away to the rock n' roll sounds of the 50's and 60's, as well as some current Top 40 favorites. (FYI -there's mostly always a point in the event where the historic/themed music segues into modern Top 40 hits). Another example of classic merging with modern would be the most fun party invention since the disco ball, the Photo Booth!

A photo booth at a party is like going to a beach equipped with free swimsuits and boogie boards. It just adds an extra element to the atmosphere and takes the party to the next level! When there's a photo booth at the party, its not uncommon for perfectly sober adults to instantly find their inner-child, grab their closest friends, and head to the booth to make silly faces in the camera. Add to that fabulous, spectacularly ostentatious accessories, and you've now found another way to entertain you and your friends for hours. (The first way being dancing to the rhythmic, electric and energetic sounds of Republic of Music, of course) The guests of this event twisted, mashed potatoed, hand-jived, wobbled, and electric- slided the night away!

So, if you're ever in need of a San Diego cover band who can pull off old-meets-new in a fun, dynamic, and hip fashion, we're your band! (And don't forget the photo booth!)

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