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Touched By A Personal Touch by Kori Gillis

As a member of one of Southern California’s top live party band and live wedding band, I happen to attend lots and lots of weddings. As a result, I am always learning new and interesting things about the procedures and logistics of weddings and wedding planning that the average wedding attendee may, or may not know. My latest discovery; themed weddings. Now, let me be clear. I’m not talking about a color scheme, but a bonafide theme that is the basis for the decor (and sometimes the music) for the entire event. Recent themes have included a country theme, a yacht club theme, and my personal favorite, a tea party theme.

The tea party theme consisted of some very unique and creative elements including a clever tagline written on the packaging of all the guests personal take home teabag that read, “Love is brewing”. Some weddings have other “personal touches” that range from thoughtful gifts to the guests, to fun, practical ideas for the wedding party. Examples of this would be Dominique and Travis’ beautiful November 30th wedding at the US Grant where all the groomsmen wore colorful socks with fun designs, and the bride changed into an “after party” dress for the reception portion of the evening. There is also Andy and Erin’s Palm Springs wedding where the guests were accommodated with fully stocked toiletry baskets in the restrooms.

The common denominator for all these weddings is that having a theme or implementing clever personal touches to the event familiarizes the guests with the personality of the new couple while simultaneously adding more aspects to the event that make the day even more memorable. We're honored to provide the San Diego live wedding band and entertainment for such special occasions!

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