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Wedding Wire's 2014 Couples' Choice Awards Recipient by Kori Gillis

As a San Diego live wedding band and San Diego cover band performer, it has always been a dream of mine to win a fabulous award. Smiling and oozing charm and humility while accepting my token of recognition is how I've pictured myself in this fantasy countless times. However, I also picture myself extremely nervous to the point of crippling debilitation. All those people expecting a humorous, articulate speech that encompasses the gratitude of every single person that's helped me along the way seems overwhelming and quite frankly, terrifying. I then usually decide that the pressure of not embarrassing myself during an acceptance speech is a small price to pay in exchange for such an honor. Imagine my surprise and relief to learn that as a member of Republic of Music, Southern California's most energetic, audience-engaging live cover band, we are recipients of Wedding Wire's 2014 Couple's Choice Award! This prestigious award is only given to the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide.

And I didn't even have to give a speech! Well, even so, let me express my gratitude here, to everyone who voted for us, the owners of RoM Ricky Mozart and Tiana Hartsten for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing group, and my close friends and family for their support. Congratulations RoM on this accomplishment and an amazing start to this 3rd year of business!

View award here!

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