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Disc Jockeys by Kori Gillis

Just about anyone who knows anything about me, knows that I love classic R&B/Soul music.It is the music of my parents generation and frankly, probably the music that aided the budding romance that put me on this planet. So, it makes sense that I am touched very deeply and always moved in some way when I hear the music that was the soundtrack to my childhood.

However, since I'm a musician and apart of San Diego's top live wedding band and live cover band, I can appreciate music in almost all of its forms, (I sometimes struggle with heavy metal and hardcore rap), I try to stay conscious of the music that inspires people in every walk of life. This is also the case for one of Republic of Music's newest additions, DJ TREFLIP!

DJ TREFLIP, a San Diego Wedding DJ and San Diego Event DJ, has been spinning vinyl and motivating all kinds of dance moves for a decade, all the while staying fresh on what's happening in the club scene. Also he is the kind of San Diego Event DJ DJ that I understand. Let me explain. There are now, apparently, three different types of DJ's. The kind that mixes vinyl at a party, the kind that plays music on the radio, and the third kind that..well... I'm not exactly sure what they do. But they have top-billing on recordings over artists like Kelly Rowland, Usher, and the dude who actually sings the lyrics to the song "Wake Me Up." What is his name, again'? Anyway, even though the name of that singer escapes my memory, I definitely know that the song is identified with the artist Avicii (the "DJ"). I'm just not really clear on what Avicii does. If he wrote the song, doesn't that make him the songwriter? I know that you're probably thinking that I sound like the very uncool portrayal of Becca's dad in the movie, "Pitch Perfect" (and you're right), but its not his fault that his daughter was too annoyed to educate her father on this generation's (the millenials) third type of "DJ". Anyway, I digress. The point is.. DJ TREFLIP is fantabulous and we're so happy that he is now a part of the RoM family.

- Kori

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